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Really wanted to like this.

These candles are incredibly small and the scent does not carry at all, even within a short distance. I ordered five of the 8-hour burn sized candles, with four scent variations. I was highly disappointed in the size of the product against the cost, especially when I could not justify the cost against the apparently quality of the product. It didn't matter which scent I tried, none of the candles had strong scents that filled any portion of a room.

Love it to bits

The scents are incredibly good and I absolutely love the crackling of the wooden wick.

You need this candle

This is seriously the best candle I have ever smelt in my life! It is such a warm and rich smell without being overbearing- I saw someone describe it as "luxe" and I completely agree. So cozy too! I already know I will be repurchasing this candle over and over. Highly, highly recommend!

Emma. Thank you so much for your feedback! We're happy you love Cashmere and have become a fan.

beautiful work of art

We're so glad you think so!

New Orleans

I'm a scented candle junkie and I came across the New Orleans candle in a pop-up shop in Port Colborne. Absolutely incredible scent that fills the house and the crackling wick is a nice bonus to an already amazing candle. Will be checking out more from this place.

We're so glad you discovered us, Aaron. First of many candle purchases to come! We appreciate your support.

I use this in the car

The car I use this in has fabric seats and I think that’s why it has lingering smells of dog and fast food. A few spritzes of Pamplemousse takes care of that for days!

Glad you like Pamplemousse, Tammy!

Great for the bathroom

I spritz this premptively on the (fabric) shower curtain and around the hem of our bathrobes to keep the bathroom smelling fresh. I would characterize this as a masculine scent.

Thanks for your feedback, Tammy

I don’t usually like florals…

Count on Annabel to intorice me to a new scent component that I end up loving; in this case, Moonflower. Can confirm this scent can last up to two weeks!

Glad you gave it a try and loved it!


I gifted this to my aunt and she is thrilled with it! Perfect scent for her and it's already become a staple in her home :)

We love to hear that!

So fresh!

Another sophisticated, clean scent by Seventh and Oak! Love this spray; especially since it has great staying power, particularly on linens. So lovely!

Thanks for your feedback, Stefanie!

LOVE this room spray!

Oh how excited I was to see Seventh and Oak released room sprays; I quickly brought all 3. This is a gorgeous scent that is fresh and uplifting, with impressive staying power. I'm sensitive to a lot of scents but have no issues with these room sprays, woo hoo! Highly recommend.

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Such a cozy scent!

This candle is like a warm hug from a good friend on a cold day. The combination is unexpected but it WORKS. Love the uniqueness of the scent profiles at Seventh and Oak!

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! So glad you love Campfire.

Beautiful tropical scent!

Talk about a sophisticated tropical & fruity scent that is layered and burns wonderfully. Perfect on a summer day or anytime we want to transport yourself to a sunnier place!

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My new fave!

This is easily my favourite candle -- love the uplifting fresh scent that isn't overpowering. I'm sensitive to a lot of scents and I have no struggles with Seventh and Oak candles :)

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Beautiful, soothing scent!

Absolutely thrilled with this candle; it's such a lovely, soothing scent, and burns so nicely. So happy to have discovered these!

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Beautiful Product!

This room spray is such an incredible product! The scent is super fresh and long lasting, especially on fabric. Best of all, even though the scent is strong it's not irritating to allergies at all. Highly recommend!

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I’ll be getting more candles!

I got this as a gift for a friend and I’ve heard nothing but good things! I’ll be getting more candles!

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! Can't wait to see which other scents you try out.

Wonderful scents for any mood!

I'm a type of person that lights a candle to suit my mood, which often is dictated by our weather. Finding scents to suit the a typical Toronto spring weather can be challenging—we've got snow, we've got rain for days, and eventually blue skies and sunshine! Picking the Trio Set of 3 is the way to go because you can pick from ALL their collections! For this order we selected our favourite Hallow's Eve, and 2 new scents to try (different than the woodsy scents I go for): Serenity, and Cebu—both are so soothing, highly recommend these scents too! And as always, fast shipping, packaged together with care and a cute hand written note!

Thank you for taking the time to leave us this very detailed review!

Cebu Candle - Mango, Coconut and Acai Berries

Smells delightful

I love the scent of the Bora Bora candle-Tangerine and Peach!
It just reminds me of summer, so fresh,fruity and delicious smelling.
It is not overwhelming either, just the right amount of scent! Love it!

Karla, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! Stunning photo too!

Zen Candle - Chinotto, Palo Santo, Sage and Cedarwood

Not quite as strong as I was hoping

The design of the candles is nice and the wood wick creates a pleasant crackling sound. On the other hand, while the scents are unique and lovely, they're not very strong. I was hoping for something that wasn't quite so subtle, especially for the price.

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. Our scents are not on the strong side and that's one of the things a lot of our customers have come to love.

Cozy Mini Candle Set

It’s ok

Unfortunately some weren’t as fragrant as others or the fragrance did not last. I had purchased a couple of candles from another company at around the same time and their candles have out scented the seventh and oak candles and I reach out for those more.

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It smells amazing!

I wanted a sweet smelling candle that and Champagne and Roses delivered! It smells better than I could have imagined. It matched the scent that my brain gave based on the scent description. 11/10!

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