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I’ll be getting more candles!

I got this as a gift for a friend and I’ve heard nothing but good things! I’ll be getting more candles!

Wonderful scents for any mood!

I'm a type of person that lights a candle to suit my mood, which often is dictated by our weather. Finding scents to suit the a typical Toronto spring weather can be challenging—we've got snow, we've got rain for days, and eventually blue skies and sunshine! Picking the Trio Set of 3 is the way to go because you can pick from ALL their collections! For this order we selected our favourite Hallow's Eve, and 2 new scents to try (different than the woodsy scents I go for): Serenity, and Cebu—both are so soothing, highly recommend these scents too! And as always, fast shipping, packaged together with care and a cute hand written note!

Cebu Candle - Mango, Coconut and Acai Berries

Smells delightful

I love the scent of the Bora Bora candle-Tangerine and Peach!
It just reminds me of summer, so fresh,fruity and delicious smelling.
It is not overwhelming either, just the right amount of scent! Love it!

Zen Candle - Chinotto, Palo Santo, Sage and Cedarwood

Not quite as strong as I was hoping

The design of the candles is nice and the wood wick creates a pleasant crackling sound. On the other hand, while the scents are unique and lovely, they're not very strong. I was hoping for something that wasn't quite so subtle, especially for the price.

Cozy Mini Candle Set

It’s ok

Unfortunately some weren’t as fragrant as others or the fragrance did not last. I had purchased a couple of candles from another company at around the same time and their candles have out scented the seventh and oak candles and I reach out for those more.

It smells amazing!

I wanted a sweet smelling candle that and Champagne and Roses delivered! It smells better than I could have imagined. It matched the scent that my brain gave based on the scent description. 11/10!


I'm so glad I decided to try this candle. I love hiking and the description of this candle made me think it would be the perfect scent to burn in my home so I would always feel like I was out on my next big adventure. Amber Trails smells exactly how I thought it would. My new favourite!

Seriously luxe!

This scent is so luxurious & beautiful. A new fav. there's no doubt about it.

Really like this one

Smells warm and cozy, clean, with just the perfect amount of vanilla.

Really glad you like Cashmere, KaVen. Thanks for supporting us!

Love my candles!

I’ve purchased a few times and I keep coming back for more. I love the wood wick (sounds like a tiny bonfire) and the scents are so beautiful and not too overpowering. My fiance is sensitive to fragrance and has not complained at all! I love that I can repurpose or return the jars, I haven't done so yet but I plan to when I order my next batch. My favourite candles. 10/10 would recommend for quality, fragrant options, and aesthetics.

Thank you so much for your review, Karen!

Quality Candles

Today I burned Amber Trail and I burned it longer than the recommended time. The scent is soft and filled my room. It wasn't overbearing. When you buy Seventh & Oak, you always get quality.

Thank you for your feedback, Carol. Glad you're loving Amber Trail.

Asana candle

This is by far my favourite candle--both for evenness of burn and scent. I discovered Seventh & Oak candles at Bloom & Co. in St. Davids and now cannot get enough! Asana candles can be hard to find as they consistently sell out at Bloom & Co. (I look for them every time I'm there) as well as online. Am grateful I found Seventh & Oak and am a devoted customer for sure!

Thanks for your review, Stacey

Love this candle!!

Beautiful scent! Burns well! Will definitely purchase more going forward.

Thank you for your feedback, Anita!

Cozy Mini Candle Set
Carol Bennett
It crackles

I bought the mini sets to smell which candles I wanted to purchase the full size version....ALL OF THEM. I like the S & O offers multiple sizes and your company offers a program to reuse the jars, that is brilliant. The scents of S&O candles are subtle and very pleasant and I love that
the wick gives off a crackling sound.

Yay! so glad you love our candles, Carol!

Mistletoe Candle - Peppermint, Nutmeg & Coffee Beans
Angie S.
They smell amazing!

Every candle I’ve gotten from S&O has smelt amazing. The scent fills the room without overpowering. I have a few favourites from each collection but they all smell great. You can tell these candles are handmade with love and care. Also the 2oz tins are perfect for a little extra something in a gift bag.

Thank you, Angie!

They smell amazing

All of the candles I’ve gotten from S&O so far have smelt amazing. The scent fills the room without being overpowering. I have a few favourites from each collection, but they all smell good. You can really tell these are handmade with love and care. Also the 2oz tins make perfect gifts for any occasion.

Thanks for your feedback, Angie!

Wellness Mini Candle Set
Laurie Freudenberg
Hard to pick a favourite

This mini set is the perfect way to try them and the company out. Every scent is subtle, they are ecologically sound, they burn evenly and cleanly, their aluminium packaging is infinitely recyclable. What’s not to love. Highly recommend

Thanks Laurie, for your review!

Winter Wonderland Candle - Cardamom, Coconut & Whipped Milk
Warmth and light

Absolutely love Seventh and Oak. Their scents feel natural and not overbearing. I'm obsessed with candles, and this company is one of the few that my partner - who is scent-sitive - also enjoys.

The excellent communication and recycling are awesome bonuses!

Thanks so much!

Thank you for your review, Farriss! We love when scent-sensitive customers rave about our candles!

Bomb candles

I think adding candles to your daily life can bring peace to your space, after cleaning my home it’s only right that I end it with a Seventh & Oak candles. I used it also for meditation and freshen the air in my space

Thank you so much for your review, Chantol! We love using candles as part of our self-care routine as well!

Cozy in a candle!

Not only does this candle bring the scent of a cozy campfire into my home, it brings the crackle and glow too. That 7th&O is a eco-friendly, Black owned business is just the icing on the cake. Oh, and love the new sleek lable design! I bought a bunch of these candles to give out as xmas gifts… the problem is I’m having a tough time not keeping them for myself!

Thank you so much for your review, Krystle! Don't worry, we won't judge if you keep them all to yourself!

Homey candles!

Seventh and Oak candles were the perfect gift to give to someone! Myself and the person who I bought the candles for can both agree that the scents in the set filled the room with warmth and felt so cozy! Definitely would purchase these candles again!

Thank you so much for your review, Emery!

Great product and service

I purchased five candles as gifts for friends. The candles were beautifully packaged and smelled great. The one candle had a hole in the middle so the wick wasn’t lighting properly - I sent an email, and the candle was quickly replaced without fuss. Excellent customer service, would highly recommend

Thank you so much for your feedback, Lauren!