Reuse or Return Program (RoRP)

Since we care so much about our environment, we have implemented a vessel reuse or return program. Once you've finished burning your candle, we recommend you repurpose your candle vessel or send it back to us intact to get 10% off your next order.


Reusing your vessels

Whether it’s the 8 oz vessels or the mini 2 oz tins, there are so many ways to re-purpose them. The tins can be used to store small jewelry or skin care products like lip balms and body butters that you can travel with. The possibilities are endless. The bigger 8 oz vessels can be used to drink water, iced coffee or whiskey, store cotton swabs, plant succulents/mini terrariums or as pencil holders. Just be sure to remove remaining wax and dispose in the garbage, properly wash the vessel with soap and warm water before reusing.


Returning your vessels (Canada only)

If you choose to send it back, you would get 10% off your next order. Simply email a copy of your receipt to with your order number and we will provide information on how to complete your vessel return. A discount code will be sent to you once we receive the vessel.

Along with that, we would love to showcase you on our blog and social media channels (with your permission of course), as part of our eco-friendly family. 

Thank you for doing your bit to save the planet!