Our Story

Seventh and Oak was born from my need for quality, eco-friendly candles that smelled great but were not overbearing. I believe it’s a little magical, what the right candle can do to any space. From eucalyptus for relaxation to pumpkin spice in the fall, I found myself collecting scents through the year.

However, it wasn’t long before I realized that the majority of the larger candle companies used paraffin wax - which is not very good for our environment - to make those sweet smelling candles I loved so much. 

So, since I wanted to do my part in caring for Mother Earth (and still wanted my candles), I decided to start making my own.

After making my very first candle, it became clear to me  that it needed to be shared with fellow candle lovers, so I went on to create my very first collection specifically for people seeking a more calm and relaxing environment following a busy day - or week.

To make sure every interaction you have with Seventh & Oak is an unforgettable one, I have leveraged my marketing, customer experience and graphic design background to carefully design everything - from crafting the scents to the seamless colour palettes.

Candles are my main focus right now, but I plan to broaden the handmade home goods product line by responsibly sourcing sustainable items you can use in your homes.

Send an email to hello@seventhandoak.com with any questions you have  about any of the products. You can shop our line of handmade products here.