How are you implementing sustainability in your business? 

Responsibly sourcing production materials

As big advocates of sustainable living, we responsibly source all the materials that are used to make our candles. Our waxes are a vegan blend of coconut and soy, our crackling wood wicks are sourced from FSC certified mills and manufactured in North America - they are natural and eco-friendly, and our fragrance and essential oils are pthalate-free.

Our Reuse or Return program

We encourage our customers to send back their finished candle vessels to be reused and in return, they would get a discount towards their next order. Since we launched in May 2020, we have received around 50 jars and repurposed them into new candles.

Read more about this initiative here.

Product transparency and packaging

Our candles are made with three main ingredients - wax, wood wick and oils. Ingredient transparency is important to us because we want you to trust that we will not use materials that are harmful to either you or the earth.

From the recyclable boxes, to the reusable glass vessels, we are making sure that we do not contribute to landfill waste in any way.

We don't brand ourselves as the most sustainable candle company out there but we do our best to make sure we are not damaging the earth.

Why should I buy your wooden wick candles?

Seventh & Oak candles are hand poured, and crafted with the best ingredients. Know your candles are made with the utmost attention, care and a truckload of love.

Everything that makes up your candles are 100% natural and safe. Plus, we don’t make candles just because. Our candles are supposed to serve a purpose - whether to help you relax, add some ambiance during your romantic evening, relive a past memory or as a decorative piece. There’s a candle and scent for everyone.

Lastly, when you buy a Seventh & Oak candle, you can breathe easy knowing that no harmful materials found their way into your jar.

How are your wooden wick candles made?

With coconut soy wax, phthalate free oils, wood wicks and vessels.

Coconut Soy Wax

Our coconut soy wax is completely free of toxins, carcinogens, synthetics, palm oil, and any nasties, it is bio degradable and great for your home and the earth.


All our fragrances are made up of high quality essential oils and all natural plant based fragrance oils. Our fragrance oils are luxury and hand selected, crafted by master perfumers using fine ingredients sourced from around the globe.


We use eco-friendly, clean burning, wood wicks made from FSC Certified Wood, hand-crafted + made in North America.

Reusable Vessels

All our candle vessels are 100% reusable and recyclable.

How fragrant are your wooden wick candles?

We use all-natural plant-based fragrance and/or essential oils and coconut soy wax in our candles. This combination produces a candle with a lighter scent throw that grows and lingers, which our customers love.

There is a maximum amount of fragrance that can be added to a candle before it no longer burns cleanly or properly.

Why do you make your candles with wooden wicks?

Wood wicks give up to 30% more scent throw and burn more evenly, compared to cotton wicks. Wooden wicks don’t “mushroom” or “bloom” – basically, that means that they don’t create an ugly black ball on the top of the wick that lingers and smokes after burning for a while.

Wood wicks also burn much cleaner, and while they don’t get the carbon build-up that needs to be trimmed off of cotton wicks, they will develop a slight amount of ash at the tip of the wick. The ash can be easily broken off when cool before relighting or cut using a wick trimmer or nail cutter.

Plus, that crackling sound they make is a welcome bonus!

What are your top-selling candles?

Asana, Bora Bora (seasonal) and Deck the Halls (seasonal).

How many vessel sizes do you carry?

Seventh and Oak candles currently come in 8.5 oz reusable glass jars.

Does Seventh & Oak ship internationally?

Yes we do. Shipping is calculated at checkout based on your geographical location. Duties and/or taxes are not included in our prices and you may owe a balance upon delivery.

Shipping policy

What do I need to know before lighting my wooden wick candle?

Every time you light your candle, trim your wick to 0.25” above the wax and let your candle burn for 2 - 4 hours to achieve a full melt pool (meaning there is no unmelted wax along the corners of the candle jar).

Please refer to our candle care guide for more information.

How long will it take for my order to be processed?

We make our candles in small batches, most are made to order. Please refer to your tracking email and allow 2-8 business days for delivery within Canada and up to 4 weeks or more to the rest of the world.

How much do I have to pay for shipping?

Shipping costs are calculated at checkout. Free shipping on orders over $105 within Canada (use code FREESHIPPING). 

The candle I want is out of stock

Since we pour in small batches, some of our candles may not be available on the site. The best way to know when they become available is to sign up to join our newsletter. You get first dibs on restock alerts, sales and special store announcements. 

Are you accepting wholesale applications?

Wholesale applications are closed indefinitely.
Please check back often.

My question is not listed here

For further information, please contact us at hello@seventhandoak.com and we will be happy to assist you.