Self-care in a reusable glass jar, because you deserve the good stuff

At Seventh & Oak, we sell crackling wooden wick candles handcrafted from ethically sourced, premium natural materials.

We believe in prioritizing self by taking care of mind and body. One of the ways to do that is by retreating from the busy-ness of life and lighting a candle. It’s a simple but effective act of self-care. Lighting a candle captures our senses of sight and smell, leaving us feeling calm. Scent is also connected to feelings and reminders of a special moment or person in our lives. 

To make your “you-time” even more enjoyable, not only do our candles crackle like mini fireplaces, but each scent is as unique and complex as it sounds. It’s like nothing you’ve experienced previously. We use only the highest quality ingredients and create our products with sustainability in mind.

We’re glad you found us and we know you’ll love it here. Welcome to Seventh & Oak, friend!

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Rooted in sustainability

We believe that fragrance shouldn’t come at the expense of the environment or hurt animals. We give our customers an incentive to send back their empty candle jars so we can reuse them. Since we launched in May 2020, we've received over 155 jars and made them into new candles. Some jars are on their second and third lives. Read more about this initiative here.

We hope that when you open your box, you feel the love, passion, and attention we've put into each of our handmade products and that they bring more warmth and coziness to your space.

Beautifully designed, safe to breath

Our handcrafted candles are not only gorgeous to look at, but also beautifully fragrant and packaged in bold, colourful designs, inspired by our African roots. You get expertly crafted fragrances designed by top perfumers, made in small batches out of respect for our environment. And since we make all our products by hand, we can control the process from material to fully cured candle. We guarantee that our candles contain no mass-produced fragrance oils or additives. 

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Our process

We use a carefully crafted process to formulate and produce our candles. We start with high-quality coconut soy wax sourced from North American manufacturers. The wooden wicks we use in our products are FSC-certified, and we source essential oils and fragrance oils that meet the highest purity standards. Our proprietary blend of coconut and soy wax helps our candles burn cleaner and longer, without being overpowering, thereby fueling you with relaxation and serenity. A love of craftsmanship is at the heart of what we do; this passion drives us to continue making our candles in small batches by hand.

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Handcrafted in small batches

From mixing to pouring to labelling and packing: We do it all by hand and in small batches to make sure you get the best quality candles to enjoy.

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Ethically sourced materials

Our passion for sustainable living drives us to make responsible choices. We ethically source our coconut soy waxes from local manufacturers, our wooden wicks are FSC-certified, and we use fragrances and essential oils that are phthalate-free.

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Product transparency and packaging

We are committed to ingredient transparency because we want you to trust that we will not use materials that are harmful to either you or the Earth.

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Jar return program

Our customers can repurpose their finished candle jars or send back to us intact to get 10% off their next order and 400 rewards points. So far, we have received over 100 jars and repurposed them into new candles.

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