Wood Wick vs Cotton Wick - What's the Difference?

When you think of a scented candle, you immediately think of a cotton wick, right? Well, let us introduce you to wood wicks. Wooden wicks have been used in candles for only a few years, but they are quickly becoming the preferred choice of consumers.

But why would you pick one over the other?

Cotton wicks are made with tiny, twisted cotton fibers that are treated with wax to create a single thread.

Crackling wooden wicks are made from precisely cut slabs of wood that are reinforced by a small strip of wood down the middle, making them stronger and allowing them to create higher flame temperatures.

But they both burn, right?

Yes, they produce enough heat to burn a candle and create a scent throw in a space but it's ultimately up to you to decide which one you prefer.

Wood Wick vs Cotton Wick - What's the Difference?


Delight in the gentle crackling of a wooden wick candle as it burns. It's like having a mini wood fire in your home! With the beautiful flicker of the flame, there is nothing more cozy than lighting one of our wooden wick candles after a long day.

Cleaner Burn

Cotton wicks will often “mushroom” or “bloom” at the tip. Wooden wicks don’t – basically, that means that they don’t create an ugly black ball on the top of the wick that lingers and smokes after burning for a while. Our wood wicks are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and made from untreated wood. They burn more evenly and cleaner in candles.

Scent Throw

Cotton wick candles have taller flames, which means they quickly burn the fragrance out of the candle wax. With a cotton wick, your candle has an intense burn, and subsequent burns appear to be less scented. Wicks made out of wood have a horizontal, lower flame that quickly gives your candle more heat. So, despite burning lower and slower, this wick heats up fragrances to throw the scent in less time.


Our wooden wicks are sustainably sourced, FSC approved and offer a more eco-friendly alternative to cotton wicks. This is because the production of cotton, even for something the size of a wick, would require a high amount of water and pesticides.

Are you team cotton or wood wick? If you're new to wood wicks and not sure if they're right for you, explore our minis to test them out and discover your perfect Seventh & Oak scents.

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Wood wicks all day everyday. Never going back to cotton wicks.

Vanessa W.

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