Finding Ritual in the Everyday

Written by Phoebe Taylor of Okay Shoe


Finding Ritual in the Everyday


The idea of creating rituals for mindfulness can seem overwhelming – how to do it? What do I need to use? But when we take a look around our days are filled with rituals and habits we might not even realize are habits. My dog knows to get up off the couch and I grab the house keys, it’s time for a walk.

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Our habits can be the magic we seek in the world, and offer a moment of peace we are searching for. We can find ritual in the everyday if we add intention, deeping our mindfulness in the habits we already have. Making meditation more accessible for ourselves can be one way of slowing down.

Make your favourite drink

Steep some tea, grab your favourite mug, or maybe just some water. Just the ritual of preparing your favorite beverage is enough to act as a reset between your to-do list. Or grab your favourite drink and a nice place to sit and do nothing. Notice the temperature of your drink, what does it smell like? Something? Nothing? Grab your favourite drink and meditate with it.

Wash the dishes (seriously!)

Washing the dishes in my least favorite chore, but it has to be done, so why not make it a bit more enjoyable? Thích Nhất Hạnh offers this idea to make mindfulness more accessible. Load up the sink and listen to the water pour over the plates, pay attention to how the water feels, and enjoy watching the drying rack fill up with clean plates. Not only will this make a potentially unpleasant chore go by, but make it more pleasant as well.

Move your body

Kitchen dance parties are a great way to SHAKE IT OFF, or maybe walking your pup is the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day. Either way, making time to move your body for joy is important. Spend a few moments getting out of your head and into your body (this is also my favourite way to reset between zoom calls). Your body keeps the score, so give it a moment of pleasure. Or simply just THREE BIG CLEANSING BREATHS. HAAAAAA!

Light a candle

What can you do right now to make whatever you’re doing more pleasurable? Lighting a candle is one of my favourite ways to feel good about whatever I am doing. Finding a candle scent you love can transport you. My favourite right now is Asana from the Wellness Collection. "Have a seat, free your mind, and marvel at its beauty and wonder.”

Consult the cards

Pulling cards from an Oracle or Tarot deck can be a quick way of checking in with your intuition. However, most decks require prior knowledge, the Okay Oracle deck prompts your own intuition. Slowing down and pulling a card is an accessible way of connecting you to your rhythm using whatever experience you bring to the table. Something equal parts lofty, poetic, practical and digestible. Interpreted in any way, different meaning any day.

Finding Ritual and mindfulness in our everyday is one way we can make mindfulness more accessible for ourselves. Building resilient habits and rituals is one way we can find the magic in everyday life, and slow down just a bit more. What small ways do you add mindfulness and meditation to your day?


Phoebe is the owner and creative director of Okay Shoe, a design studio that creates products for mindfulness through artist collaboration. Phoebe wrote and illustrated the Okay Oracle, a tool for tapping into your own intuition.


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These are lovely suggestions. Making my favourite cup of tea is my favourite way to find a bit of peace each day.

Jennifer Bairos

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