Curated by You: Scent Stories from Customers

Your most loved scents from Seventh & Oak. We asked six of our amazing customers “If you were given the task to curate 3-4 candles for someone who just discovered our brand, what would you pick and why”.


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Namaste for reading or before bed because the lavender note is super relaxing
Serenity while working because citrus scents help me with productivity
Bora Bora for the bath because just makes me feel like I’m by a campfire in a tropical beach
Om for painting (helps me keep calm and be creative)


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Om - This is my favourite candle to light to wind down or do yoga. I love the smell of vanilla, but the frankincense and myrrh make the room smell wonderful.
Mistletoe - Peppermint mixed with the smell of coffee, it’s the smell of Christmas morning to me. My parents, coffee in hand, watching us open gifts. 
Morning Mist - Perfect for a bath. The lavender is so relaxing, I always bring this one to the tub.
Hallow’s Eve - Literally the perfect fall scent. If you love pumpkin spice lattes, you’ll love this candle. 


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"I love warming, woody, comforting scents and the candles in this collection are just that. Perfect for the cooler months ahead"

Morning Mist: Lavender, White Thyme and Amber

Campfire: Guaiac Wood, Vanilla and Wild Sumac

Cashmere: Tonka Bean, Heliotrope and Sheer Musk


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"I would choose one candle from each of the different collections because I think it would give someone a good idea of the variety of choice, a look at your beautiful brand, and a dabble into each of the incredible collections you offer."


Serenity because it has such a unique mix of scents that each time you smell it a different scent note seems to come out over the others.


New Orleans because I have always wanted to travel there and the scent has such a rich sweetness to it.


Winter Wonderland because it has such a beautiful scent that encapsulates winter and the whole holiday season.


Amber Trail because I love the woodsy scent. It transports me to a luscious forest with a trail covered in leaves of different colours.


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"When I look into buying candles, scent and safety are always on my mind. Seventh and Oak always hits these two targets and that’s why I only buy my candles from them. I love that I don’t have to worry about what I am burning at home because I trust Seventh and Oak’s commitment to clean burning candles. What’s also great about Seventh and Oak is the diversity of scents. I can light a candle and the scent can take my mind anywhere."

Cebu - I love the Cebu candle because it is not often that you find a candle with mango scents! It really takes me back to my childhood, vacationing in the Philippines and spending time with my family there.

New Orleans - I love the New Orleans candle because again, the scent! The combination of bourbon and honey, just reminds me of a night on the town with my girls.

Morning Mist - Hey Alexa, play Sunday Morning by Maroon 5! Seventh and Oak’s newest addition, Morning Mist, is what a Sunday morning would smell like in candle form! The lavender scent is very soothing and I can’t help but want to stay in bed and relax whenever I light up this candle.


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"These scents nourish the dimensions of Self and I find myself in more of an intentional daily ritual as I light these scents during different times of day: Morning Mist in the morning, start my workday with Serenity, Asana for a break, and New Orleans in the evening!"

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