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Annabel Okeya

Matcha Latte Recipe - Seventh and Oak journal


I've been on a tea craze. Here's a post with some recommended teas sent in by our Instagram followers. As if that wasn't enough, I asked the tea expert - Lu Ann  Pannunzio of The Cup of Life to write another post on some of her favourite teas. Before now, I'd heard so much about matcha and finally decided to try it. Bought the Traditional Matcha from Amoda - a Vancouver based small business I love, and after multiple fails, I finally got it. I made the best tasting matcha this morning and couldn't wait to share.

Matcha is energizing, detoxifying and loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. Here's a neat article on everything you need to know about Matcha. The recipe is very simple but there are some things to keep in mind. You would need the right water temperature, a bamboo whisk (or frother) and a bowl for the matcha powder.

Step 1:

Fill your matcha bowl with 2 oz of warm water from a kettle and use a traditional bamboo whisk or milk frother to whisk your matcha into a smooth, clump-free paste. Make sure there are no lumps - this is important. If you boiled the water in a kettle, wait 8 minutes before mixing it with the matcha powder. You don't want it too hot.

Step 2:

Whisk to create a froth.
Briskly whisk your matcha in an “M” formation going from the bottom of the bowl and working your way up towards the surface until the matcha reaches a smooth consistency and a layer of foam appears. You will get the same results with a frothing tool. Repeat until you get that vibrant Insta-worthy froth.

Step 3:

In a glass cup (we repurposed one of our returned candle jars for this drink), add in some ice, your choice of sweetener (sugar, syrup, honey, etc) and milk. I used vanilla syrup and 10% milk.

Step 4:

Add in your whisked matcha, stir and enjoy.

Here's a short reel on our Instagram for a step by step tutorial on how I made mine. This is going to be a new part of my everyday routine.

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