5 Ways to Take Yourself on a Date

Written by Emily Mais

5 Ways to Take Yourself on a Date - Woman in white long sleeve shirt

It’s through uncertain times where we need more of a gentle reminder to love ourselves. The experience of dating yourself, and taking the time to devote a few hours to create a beautiful experience, reminds us of how important and powerful we really are.

When we give time to ourselves, our self worth increases. We attract and realize we have the power to create a life that we genuinely love leading. We’re not afraid to walk away from the things that don’t make us happy, and we’re ready to jump at new opportunities that speak to us.

Below are some of our favorite ways to take yourself on a date:

Lose yourself in your neighbourhood

Canadian falls are the most magical. There’s something so beautiful about losing yourself in the canopies of yellow and orange trees. Sometimes the most beautiful places are the most familiar ones. 

Cook a romantic meal for one

Pick up fresh groceries for your favourite meal, and play an album from start to finish. Pour yourself a glass of wine as you cook spaghetti a limone, or whatever dish speaks to your soul. 

“Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti.” 

Sophia Lauren

Move in candlelight

Light your favourite candles, turn off the lights. Set up a quiet space where you can move, stretch, and centre yourself. Yoga, pilates, or any gentle movement helps to calm our mind and find appreciation in the way our bodies move.


Creating art can help us put things back together. Taking time to write, draw, take photographs, dance, etc. can help us make sense of our emotions and the world we live in. Our creations are extensions of ourselves, and expressing ourselves is the most important part of self love.

Find yourself in art

Climb into bed with a book or movie that transports your mind and recharges your soul. Fall in love with characters, settings, and storylines. A good book and movie have a way of restoring our faith. 

Taking time for ourselves to create a beautiful experience allows us to become present and grounded. It helps us to appreciate the world around us, and remind us that there are so many little things we can do to appreciate ourselves, because we deserve it.

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