Where to Use Scented Candles At Home

Annabel Okeya

Candle Interior Design

Ever smelled something that immediately took you back to a place or time from your past? Scent has the power to recall emotions and memories. The area of our brains that processes smell also affects memory, emotions, and creativity. Because of this link, scents have the ability to influence how we think and feel.

We're highlighting our Wellness Collection in this blog post and the various areas of your home you could use them to fully enjoy the benefits of the oils they contain.

Serenity candle

Scent type: Citrus
Recommended use: Kitchens and Hallways

Serenity is the perfect candle for a day at your home spa or to freshen up bathrooms and kitchens. Light up your home with Serenity to invoke feelings of calm and tranquility. This candle has the nice clean fresh smell of mint and citrus, and fills the room without overpowering you. 

Zen candle

Scent type: Fresh
Recommended use: Bathrooms, Walk-in closets

An invitation to meditate, pray, chant, think positively and release negative energy. Zen reminds us that even in the craziness of our daily lives, we need to take a minute to breathe.

Zen candle on wooden table

Asana candle

Scent type: Woody 
Recommended use: Intimate dinner, Reading a book

Asana combines the natural power of essential oils with a stylish design to create a soothing environment, wherever you are. It's soft and delicate with just the right amount of fragrance to fill a small room. 

Wooden wick candle in reusable glass jar

Namaste candle

Scent type: Floral 
Recommended use: Night stand, Master bath

Aromatherapy can have an amazing effect on both your mind and body, and one of the best places for you to experience this is where you sleep. Namaste will fill your room with a mix of lavender, ylang ylang and vetiver that will help soothe you when it's time to get some rest. 

Om candle

Scent type: Earthy  
Recommended use: Yoga and Meditation

Whether you're kicking it solo on the weekend or spending quality time with your loved ones, burn Om – yes, it's named after the holiest of Hindu sounds – and just relax … because you deserve it. 

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