What are Room Sprays and where can you use them?

What are room sprays and how can you use them - Seventh and Oak

Room Sprays are a flameless alternative to scented candles and add fragrance to a space or fabric. They work by pumping air that’s blended in fragrance and a base, through a spray pump and into the air, leaving lingering scents in any space.

For those with younger children or pets, room sprays offer a subtle, hint of scent at just the right time. Plus it’s flame-less so you can always have worry-free home fragrance when you want.

Our just released room sprays are made with two ingredients: Oils and an organic base. We use organic wildcrafted witch hazel as our base. Our witch hazel is harvested with great care according to all National Organic Program and State Forestry Regulations from plants growing in the wild without human intervention. Utilizing a no waste system, all parts of the witch hazel plant are fully used during production, with leftover plant materials recycled into a natural, biodegradable mulch.

We use all-natural oils in both our candles and room sprays. So whatever product you choose, rest assured knowing that we source our ingredients from ethical suppliers and take steps to ensure we’re using the cleanest ingredients possible.

New to the idea of room sprays? Here’s how to use them around your home.

Where to use room sprays

Most people use room sprays to simply freshen up their spaces with a few quick spritzes. However, there are some more thoughtful places you probably haven’t thought of that a spritz or two of room spray will give you subtle, long-lasting and delightful fragrance throughout your day.

Deodorize your pet's bedding

We love our pets but we all know cleaning the litter box, crates and beds are some of those chores we'd prefer to avoid. A natural, non-toxic room spray for pet odors is a better option and can completely eliminate the smells throughout any living space.

Recommended for pet odours: Ocean Breeze Room Spray | Sea Salt and Sage

Using room sprays in the car - Seventh and Oak

Freshen up your car, again and again

Most people think of using room sprays to freshen up the air in their bedrooms or bathrooms. But you can also spray them into your car to remove odours and freshen the air. Our room sprays can be sprayed directly on your car seats (fabric only) or just around your car to upgrade the atmosphere.

Spritz your closet

Did you know closet fragrances are a thing? Well now you do. You’d need a subtle scent which will keep your closet and drawers smelling fresh without overpowering your senses. Spray on your clothes, in your luggage or around your closet for that refreshing scent. Our room sprays are also perfect for those seasonal clothing pieces that you're taking out of storage. 

Recommended for closets: Bloom Room Spray | Moonflower and Vanilla Bean

Mist fabrics and linens

Spritz a little something on your sheets, duvet, or pillows. Feel the difference in comfort and aromatherapy. Enhance the comfort of your guests by spritzing a little something on their bed as well. You'll make everyone smile with a pleasant night's sleep as they drift off to dreamland. You can also spray them in your gym bag or on yoga mats to eliminate sweaty odours.

Where to use room sprays - Seventh and Oak

Pamplemousse Room Spray | Citrus and Fresh Herbs

Spray down the bathroom after someone’s been in there

You know what we mean. Everybody does the number two. Now you can battle toilet stink with our refreshing room sprays that actually eliminate odours (instead of just masking them) and leave your bathroom smelling fresh and clean without being overwhelming.

Set the mood with scents

Room sprays are very capable of setting the mood. It really depends on the kind of feeling you want to get out of it as some oils provide more benefits than others. Lavender, for example, has been shown to lower levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, jasmine has been shown to calm nerves, and verbena and mint can boost your mood and energy levels.

Do you have a favorite place where you use your room sprays?

P.S - All of our room sprays are made with all-natural, non-toxic ingredients in 4 oz amber glass bottles. Shop our room sprays

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