Ways to Start Living More Sustainably

Patti Yabut

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If you ever wondered how you could start living more sustainably in our world today, I've got a few tips to start. Keep in mind that being sustainable does not mean living without luxuries, but rather, becoming aware of what you consume and the impact it has on our environment.

Buy clothes that last

Opt for timeless, high quality versatile pieces that you can wear for much longer. Keep in mind that the most sustainable item you can wear is already in your wardrobe.

Speak up and advocate

Speak up and advocate in a way that educates. Join or follow communities that empower and amplify the message. Sometimes all we need is to be surrounded by people with the same goals and values.

Make organic choices

You do not have to be completely vegan to make an impact. Make organic and plant-based choices for both yourself and the planet wherever possible. Learn to compost and feed that to your plants, go grocery shopping with your own reusable bags to save on plastic (and $$).

Start small

Every great thing started with a small step. Research and educate yourself. Begin by finishing up your non sustainable items (don't just throw them away) before buying ones that are better and safer for the environment. Minimize your waste and carbon footprint. Walk or bike more instead of driving all the time. Travelling? Here are some of our tips for travelling more sustainably.

Vote and be involved

Get involved in your community. Get your friends and family involved. Use your vote to engage with your politicians at every opportunity. Every cause needs systemic reforms for a lasting outcome.

At Seventh & Oak, we hand craft products that are good for your breathing and the environment. Everything that comes with your order is either recyclable or reusable, leaving little to no waste. Switch to the sustainable side with our products.


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Yes! That’s why I’m glad that thrift stores are an option again, I’ve been meaning to replace fast fashion buys with better quality picks because I have noticed how often I have to replace faded jeans or the ones that can’t survive more than a handful of washes. Thank you for sharing these tips!


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