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Annabel Okeya

sustainable living - digital edit


Living sustainably does not entirely involve going grocery shopping with reusable bags, buying used clothing or composting. We can be sustainable in our digital activities as well. Here are some ways to start practicing digital sustainability in our daily routines.

Minimize screen time

Instead of binge-watching your favourite K-Dramas (I'm guilty of this too) all weekend, go out on a walk and take in some fresh air. While you're at it, listen to a podcast episode on sustainability. Some of my favourite ones are The Slow Home Podcast and Brown Girl Green.

Set ECOSIA as your default search engine

ECOSIA is a German based search engine company that uses ad revenue generated from web searches to plant trees where they are needed the most. According to Ecosia, the company helps plant a tree every 30 seconds, which amounts to almost 3,000 trees per day. Trees not only produce oxygen but also absorb carbon dioxide. They are a vital tool in fighting climate change.

Choose tech companies that support the cause to minimize our carbon footprints

Begin by doing some research on companies that are doing their bit to contribute to a more sustainable world. Companies like Walmart and Costco now have the option to order online and receive your items at your door in a short amount of time, saving you a few trips to the store, thereby reducing transportation costs and CO2 emissions.

Offset. Offset. Offset

There are so many ways to reduce our digital carbon footprints. I recently found out that that surfing the web can contribute significantly to carbon emissions caused by the energy consumption of data centers. Things like shutting down our computers instead of always leaving it in sleep mode, downloading instead of streaming, reducing the number of emails we send in a day and managing the number of tabs we have open in our browsers can significantly help reduce our digital footprints.


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