Teas to brew this lockdown - PART 2

Written by Lu Ann Pannunzio of The Cup of Life

 Teas to brew this lockdown pt 2

Here are 2 main reasons to reach for a cup of tea during the lockdown;

Tea offers comfort. The entire process of putting the kettle on, waiting for it to sing, watching tea leaves steep and taking the first sip is quite meditative. Complete the ambience by lighting a crackling candle too. You can never have enough comfort. 

Tea lets you travel. Like getting lost in a good book, you can travel the world through tea right now. Tea leaves come from all over the globe and the place in which a tea is grown affects the aroma and flavour. While we may not be able to travel at this time, a cup of tea can give you the taste of India, Japan, Kenya, China and much more from the safety of your home. 

If you’re looking for more teas to add to your collection during the stay-at-home order, this is part 2 of this blog post from last week. Organized to help you match the perfect steep to your current mood, here are some recommendations.


When you need help starting the day

Canadian Breakfast Blend | Plan de Vida

A bold, breakfast style black tea is a favourite for the morning. This particular one is a blend of black teas from Kenya, Sri Lanka and India. It steeps a full-bodied and robust cup that goes well with milk and sugar, too. If you’re a fan of English Breakfast tea, this loose leaf blended in Canada will be your new go-to! 


When you want to skip that second cup of coffee

Hojicha Dark Roast | Hojicha Co.

Hojicha is a Japanese green tea that isn't actually very green. Instead, the tea leaves are reddish brown because they are roasted. The flavour is different from what you might expect from a green tea. This tea may appeal to coffee lovers because of the earthy, roasted flavour. It’s also low in caffeine so when you feel like a cup of coffee late in the day, this might be a better option! 

When you are craving a sweet treat

Matcha Cream Puff | Dessert by Deb

This green tea blend was inspired by the matcha cream puffs from Tsujiri in Toronto. It doesn’t disappoint! The green tea leaves are dusted with matcha and the coconut acts as the creamy filling. Canadian maple flakes are also in this dessert blend for the perfect amount of sweetness.


When you need a cafe-style drink at home

All Chai’d Up | The Chai Box

If you miss getting chai lattes at your favourite cafe The Chai Box can help you make an authentic cup of chai right at home! They offer a variety of chai inspired blends but All Chai’d Up is their ode to traditional masala chai with ginger, cardamom, fennel, cinnamon and cloves. It smells and tastes heavenly. Make working from home so much better with this warm and inviting black tea. 


When you need help unwinding

Tink’s Fairy Dust | Tealee 

What makes this tea unique is the white tea that is from Kenya. The flavour is a bit stronger than other delicate white teas. This one is blended with lavender and lime leaves to create a very aromatic and soothing cup perfect for late afternoon. 


When you’re feeling under the weather

Remedy | Amoda Tea

This herbal tea was blended with Traditional Chinese Medicine principles in mind. It’s recommended to boil this tea on the stove and simmer for up to 15 minutes to get more benefits. Despite this being a cold and flu relief tea, it doesn’t taste medicinal. It’s filled with spices and savoury herbs.


When you need more sleep

Knock Me Out | New Moon Tea Co.

We all need just 5 more minutes, right?! The name of this blend truly says it all. With natural sleep aid ingredients like valerian root, this herbal tea will help you catch a few extra Z’s. It’s a must-have for your night time routine. 

Which tea on this list could you use a big mug of right now? 


Lu Ann Pannunzio is a tea enthusiast, curator and writer based in Ontario, Canada. She is the author of Tea-spiration: Inspirational Words for Tea Lovers (November 2016) and blogger behind the award winning tea blog, The Cup of Life. Her blog is her online space to share her steeps, tea infused recipes and crafts to show the world just how versatile and inspirational the beverage of tea truly is. Follow her tea journey at theteacupoflife.com and @teaaholic.

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