Teas to brew this lockdown

Curated by Annabel Okeya
Teas to brew this lockdown

One thing we love as much as our candles is sipping on a cup of tea as we indulge in a good book. With Ontario going into a second lockdown starting today, we wanted to help bring you some extra warmth and coziness.

We asked some of our followers (who happen to be tea experts) on Instagram about their favourite teas to brew and they answered. If you're looking to try new tea flavours like us, here are some of their most recommended.



Chaga Coconut Chai | Lake & Oak Tea 

Lake and Oak tea - Chaga Coconut Chai - Teas to Brew

This comforting blend is rockin’ chaga mushrooms, tulsi and ginger, for a sip that’s pleasantly spicy and sweet. Rooibos makes it a natural caffeine-free dream, great for mellowing out at any time of day.

"I received some Lake & Oak tea for my birthday and it's delicious"
"Chaga Chai is our fave!"

Recommended by @eastwoodwellnessco and @hollyknitlightly


Strawberry Rosehip Fruit Tea | Tea Amo

Teas to brew this lockdown - Tea Amo

The Strawberry Rosehip Fruit Tea is caffeine free with lemon and strawberry flavours in it and "is as great as an iced tea". We can't wait to try it.

Recommended by @shop.nadorah


S’mores Chai | David's Tea

Teas for lockdown - Davids tea Smores chai
Davids Tea recommends that you brew it as a frothy tea latte for the ultimate cold-weather indulgence and that really all we need right now.
Recommended by @elementsofinfusion

Buddha's Blend | David's Tea

Teas to blend this lockdown - Davids Tea
Jasmine pearls + White Hibiscus blossoms. This one is definitely a must-try.
Recommended by @brynn.rowe

Dark Side | Geek and Tea

Teas to brew - Geek and Tea

If you like scotch, cigars and death stars, then this is the tea for you! "This was one of my favourite finds last year. Smoky tea with Canadian Maple" - Lu Ann Pannunzio, Canadian Tea Blogger


London Fog | Cup of Té

Teas to brew this lockdown - Cup of Té

Thanks to our followers who highly recommended this brand, we think we've found some new teas to obsess over. We're planning to try this and the Coconut organic loose leaf tea.

Recommended by @badinski


Black Tea with Strawberry | Fortnum and Mason

Strawberry - Fortnum and Mason - Teas to brew

This brand was recommended by a LOT of our followers. Made with Black China tea. It is recommended that you serve without milk for the best flavour. It's a British brand but you can get this tea on Amazon.ca if you'd like to try it out. Can't say no to strawberries.

Recommended by @jennbairos


 Peach Tranquility | Teavana

Peach Tranquility tea - Teavana - Teas to brew this lockdown

Teavana's Peach Tranquility tea features soft peach shimmers alongside tropical pineapple with delicate herbal notes of lemon verbena and a chamomile finish. It’s a juicy take on tea that’s full of fruit, fragrance and flavour.

Recommended by @jtomasikcreations


Creamy Earl Grey | Lot 35

Creamy Earl Grey - Lot 35 - Teas to brew

This heady tea from Lot 35 takes familiar bergamot-infused Earl Grey and adds a delightful cream flavor for a result that is velvety and full-bodied. Add a dash of milk and sugar to reveal the nuances of this exceptional tea.

Recommended by @forrestglencandleco

What are some of your favourite teas?

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