Recreate the Canadian West Coast Vibe in Your Home

Seventh and Oak x Amoda - West Coast Inspired Candle

Meet London Fog. A scented wooden wick candle inspired by the West Coast, where this delicious tea was created. We partnered with Amoda to create the ultimate candle that will have you feeling warm and fuzzy this fall. A stylish, sophisticated room fragrance that combines the rich, warm scent of bergamot with vanilla, lavender and vetiver. 
The infamous London Fog latte which inspired this candle is yet another genius idea, born out of our true and Native land, Canada, rumored to have first been made in Vancouver, BC.

Recreate the Canadian West Coast Vibe in your home by doing these two things:

Light the London Fog Candle

Designed for both function and relaxation, the London Fog candle is made of a vegan blend of coconut and soy wax infused with ISO-9235 certified oils. Our London Fog candle is an uplifting scent of Earl Grey tea. It is a West Coast inspired candle that packs a bergamot and vanilla punch, tempered by a hint of lavender and vetiver. This scent is everything London Fog should be - clean, crisp and inviting.

Make a cup of delicious London Fog Adaptogen Tea Latte

Amoda’s London Fog is just what you need to complete a cozy night. It tastes just like the comforting earl grey latte you know and love, but with adaptogenic ashwagandha and brain-boosting lion’s mane to help you find a sense of presence, feel grounded and rejuvenate your mind.

Why Amoda?
As a small and growing wellness + sustainable brand, we are very selective about who we work with. Back in January, Tegan Woo, founder of Amoda and I connected via Instagram and began discussing a possible partnership. She was looking to create an Earl Grey/London Fog scented candle that would launch with an adaptogen tea latte in the spring. I thought it was a fantastic idea, especially since both our brands had very similar values. Over the last couple of months and several email exchanges and phone calls later, we created this magic in a glass jar.

About Amoda
Amoda makes delicious intentional blends, ethically-sourced ingredients, and quality you can trust. No fillers, artificial flavourings or sweeteners. Just pure plant power. Tegan discovered the full power of plants when she developed a stomach illness that conventional medicine failed to diagnose and treat. She began bleeding her own elixirs and has since become an advocate of plant-sourced wellness and created Amoda with her brother in 2015.


London Fog candle

London Fog candle and Latte bundle

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