Introducing the Travel Bug Collection

Travel Themed Candles - Seventh and Oak

Most of us would rather be on a beautiful island right about now and since we are in the middle of a pandemic, we thought we would bring these destinations to you.

They’re fruity, boozy, tangy and sweet, and once you get a whiff, we bet they're going to put a smile on your face.

The scents that make up this summer collection are:

  • Bahamas - Pineapple & Kiwi
  • Bora Bora -  Tangerine & Peach
  • New Orleans - Bourbon & Honey


Our candles may smell delectable, but are not for internal consumption.



Bahamas Candle_Seventh and Oak


The Islands of Bahamas are rich and colourful with individuality at the core. With exceptional weather almost all year round, Bahamas is a great vacation spot to relax, sip on tropical goodness, dip your toes in the sand and even go swimming with adorable pigs if you fancy that.

For this candle, we blended pineapple and kiwi fragrances to offer a lovely scent of the actual fruits -  each one distinct yet somehow fused, in a _ oz recyclable jar. 


Recommended use

For when you want to add a burst of freshness to your space, the Bahamas candle is your best bet! Imagine snorkelling or scuba diving in clear blue waters, dancing to beautiful soca music and sipping fruity goodness from a pineapple or a coconut.


Bora Bora Candle_Seventh and Oak

Bora Bora

Known for its crystal blue waters and dreamy beaches, Bora Bora is unsurprisingly one of the most visited islands in the French Polynesia - even by humpback whales, who travel all the way from Antartica just to deliver their calves! As a tourist, you are sure to revel in the adventure of exploring underwater caverns or indulge in the island’s vast collection of fresh fruit. 

We chose tangerine oil as the keynote scent for Bora Bora because it has a sweet and tangy scent which has been scientifically linked to trigger calmness and relaxation. It is an essential oil derived from the outer peel of the tangerine fruit and when infused with the juicy fragrance of the peach fruit, creates the perfect blend of a yummy summer candle fruit cocktail!


Recommended use

Light Bora Bora when you feel like going on a relaxing island vacation to soak-in the sun, be surrounded by fresh summer flavours, and the soft essence of calm waters.


New Orleans Candle_Seventh and Oak 

New Orleans

New Orleans aka NOLA is built from a unique and multicultural heritage, amassing popularity for its music, nightlife, cuisine and festivals. In a group of friends on a night-out, NOLA will most likely be the life of the party.

Picture a vibrant nightlife on Bourbon street; colourful festivals like the Mardi Gras; mouth-watering and flavourful cuisines like Gumbo, Crawfish, Jambalaya; Cajun; the list could go on! 

Our NOLA candle was born from a classic 90s love story - eccentric Bourbon met the shy Honey (somewhere in the French Quarter) and together, created magic.


Recommended use

For when you end the work week, about to ring in the weekend, with a drink in a cool room and your favorite meal.


Which of our delectable candles would be making their way to your homes? Let us know in the comments!

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