How Journaling Has Helped Me Cope Since COVID-19

Written by Stephanie Appiah-Kubi

How Journaling Has Helped Me Cope Since COVID-19

In times like this, good mental health practices are so needed, as it should have been from the start. Though there is uncertainty all around, we can still choose to  focus on what we can control.

One thing that has worked is journaling. It has so many advantages and is an extremely healthy practice. It has kept my anxiety at an all time low. These are the 5 ways journaling has helped me mentally cope since COVID started.

It has taught me stillness

There is literally so much news, information, updates and others on a daily basis. It can be a lot to take in. Journaling forces me to unplug, disconnect from the noise and find some peace and quiet.

It helps me keep track of the days

It can feel like one long day during the week. When I journal,I record all the things I am doing and forget, it also helps me know what works.

It manages my emotions and keeps my thoughts under control

I am known by my friends for brain dumping - there are so many little notes all around my home. Releasing my  thoughts keeps me level headed.

If you have a lot of tabs opened in your mind at all times, this is a great tip to help.

It keeps my creative juices flowing

I used to feel exhausted from going through the same things daily, I had writers’ block but when I journal I realize how many great ideas are floating around in my mind.

It challenges me to set and achieve (SMART) goals

When COVID began, I wasn't trying to do the most. Journaling revealed my passions and goals, it helped me set clear SMART goals for my future.

I encourage you to try out journaling and if you already do, what's your favourite thing about it? Hope you are staying safe and finding joy everyday.


Stephanie encourages others to live an intentional and disciplined life through her blog and Instagram. She also uses her platforms to share the things she is passionate about - faith, productivity, marriage, goal setting and execution and lastly, gratitude. Check out her content if you want to be inspired in any of these areas.

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