A Quick Guide to Understanding Fragrance Notes - Top, Middle and Base

Fragrance notes are the components of a candle that are responsible for the scent. Most fragrances are a unique composition of many ingredients and different combinations can produce a large number of notes ranging from the base that lingers the longest, the middle or heart notes, to the top notes that fade away the fastest but are most predominant when initially emitted into the room.

A Quick Guide to Understanding Fragrance Notes - Top, Middle and Base - Seventh and Oak Wellness Collection

Here's a quick guide to better understanding the fragrance components in a candle.

Top notes 🌻

Top notes make up the first impression that a candle fragrance has on your olfactory senses.They're also called head notes because they're like the "headline" when you read a newspaper or magazine. Top notes are the first impression your candle will make on its burners. They are traditionally fresh, light, and citrusy scents.

Middle notes 🌹

Also known as the “heart” of the fragrance. The middle notes of a candle gives it its signature scent. These notes develop within ten to twenty minutes, and they smell the strongest when you burn the candle. Lavender and rose are typical middle notes.

Base notes 🍂

The base notes of a candle are responsible for the lasting qualities of the scent. They keep the scent lingering even after the candle is extinguished.

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