Canadian Brands to Support on Your Low-Waste journey

Written by Annabel Okeya
Blog posts Canadian Brands to Support on Your Low-Waste journey

As a sustainable wellness brand, we have come across some other sustainable brands that are walking the talk when it comes to bettering our planet, advocating for low to zero waste and living more intentionally. 

Owned by people who care about the environment and making contributions in their own way. We wanted to share these small businesses with you and hope you consider supporting them, wherever you are on your sustainable living journey.


Kinsfolk Shop

Kinsfolk Shop - Eco brands to support

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Kinsfolk Shop stocks and sells ethically made, and sustainably sourced kitchen, bath, and self care goods. The owner, Tiu (love her name btw) started Kinsfolk shop as a way to introduce fellow Canadians to a more simple and intentional approach to living everyday life.

The shop carries a range of responsibly sourced & environmentally friendly products that include fair-trade and Canadian-made artisan products and carefully selected makers and manufacturers from various regions around the world that align with what they’re all about.

Fun fact: Kinsfolk Shop was the first brand to carry our candles!


The Green Way

Redecker Onion Bag


The Green Way was founded by Megan - a fellow Canadian and mum of two. Megans vision for The Green Way is to inspire other people to live a low waste lifestyle by curating a range of stylish and affordable eco friendly products to replace single use products.
She started her journey towards a low waste lifestyle in 2018 when she and her partner realized that they had so much stuff. It was then that she decided to make more eco friendly and less wasteful choices.


The Pear Co

Golden Halo Small Planter


The Pear Co is a husband and wife team, passionate about supporting hand made artisans. They understand how much time and dedication it involves, and how precious handmade products are. They stock and sell a collection of sustainable, eco-friendly products and care about preserving our beautiful planet. All orders are packaged sustainably.


Labeille Co


Single Beeswax Wrap

Known first for their beeswax food wraps and second for other sustainable products. Labeille, derived from L'Abeille (meaning bee in french) extends past the bee in itself, but bees as a whole and what they represent. The brands vision as a small business is to help spread the seeds of hope and prosperity within their communities. Their hope is to sprinkle seeds of magic everywhere they roam. 

They aim to assist families in becoming waste free & eco-conscious all while keeping their fridge, tables, and lunch boxes looking vogue. 


What are some other eco/sustainable brands you know of and support?

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This is SO awesome! Thank you for featuring Kinsfolk Shop! <3

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