5 Tips on Incorporating Wellness Into your Daily Routine

Written by Stephanie Appiah-Kubi

Incorporating Wellness Into your Daily Routine - Seventh and Oak journal


Wellness is an intentional pursuit of wholeness in all areas of life. This includes the physical, emotional, spiritual and social (there might be others). Here are five ways we can begin to implement wellness into our lives. 

On physical wellness | Taking care of our bodies

Staying physically active has been a little harder for me since working from home.  A few ways to do that intentionally are;

  • Setting a time to walk and/or run daily
  • Frequent body stretches
  • Opting for healthier meal choices 

On mental wellness | Expressing creativity and improving self

Through research and seeking out great information, we grow all around and keep our brains excited. This could be by;

  • Reading books
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Taking online courses (Skillshare has some good ones and masterclasses from some of your favourites)
  • Creating SMART goals
  • Having action steps and executing them

Switching up activities both old and new makes your day more enjoyable, educational and fun.

On emotional wellness | Daily reflections

Some daily reflections to consider could be on the;

  • Interactions you had with others
  • Things you enjoyed or did not enjoy
  • Examining your overall emotions
  • Knowing your triggers
  • Figuring out your emotional state
  • Practicing good communication

How can you do these things? One great way is through journaling (Alex Elle has great prompts for starters), taking deep breaths, meditating, prayer walks, taking a second to think before speaking.

On spiritual wellness | Spending time with God

It is a great way to grow and know your worth. God shows us we can be flawed and loved. He teaches us to be more gracious and less critical.

How to begin? Start with morning devotions, listening to worship music and/ or sporadic prayers.

On social wellness | Quality time by yourself or with loved ones

This could be in different ways, with yourself or family and  friends who edify you and embrace you as a whole. Set intentional time to do things you enjoy whether alone or with others.

Don’t put your joy on hold. Spending quality time could be in form of 'me time' or dates, family night, picnics with friends, girls night, weekend getaways and so on.

How do you incorporate wellness into your daily lives?


Stephanie encourages others to live an intentional and disciplined life through her blog and Instagram. She also uses her platforms to share the things she is passionate about - faith, productivity, marriage, goal setting and execution and lastly, gratitude. Check out her content if you want to be inspired in any of these areas.

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