5 reasons to try a Seventh & Oak candle

Seventh & Oak was created as an alternative to over-scented candles with artificial ingredients. I loved buying from the bigger home fragrance brands until I realized I began reacting to them, and not in a positive way. I needed clean burning candles that were not overwhelming and didn't give me any headaches, among other symptoms.

Here's why you should try one of our candles. We guarantee you'll be back for more!

#1 | Eco-friendly materials

5 reasons to try a Seventh & Oak candle - Eco-friendly materials. Wood wick candle

We start with high-quality coconut soy wax sourced from North American manufacturers. The wooden wicks we use in our products are FSC-certified, and we responsibly source essential oils and fragrance oils that meet the highest purity standards.

#2 | Jar return program 


You can send back your empty candle jars to be repurposed. Our customers that chose to repurpose their jars have used them for iced drinks, plant propagations, desk or bathroom organizers and more. Learn more about this program.

#3 | Perfect for home decor

Best candles for home decor - Seventh and Oak

We intentionally designed our candles to look good in any space, whether it's your coffee table, shelf, mantle or nightstand.

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#4 | Safe for kids and pets

Safe candles for kids and pets - seventh and oak

The wax we use is a blend of coconut and soy, which means it won't emit harmful chemicals into the air when you burn it. Because it's a smoother and cleaner blend, it burns slower and better than other kinds of waxes which makes our candles safe to use around pregnant women, children and pets.

Here's what one of our newly pregnant customers have had to say:

"I love that I can feel safe using it at nine months pregnant and not have to worry about what I am breathing and bringing into my home."

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#5 | Made by hand, always

Every single candle is hand poured by myself in small batches so each one has its own unique character and scent throw depending on what ingredients are used.

Shop our bestselling scents. Want to get to know us better? Read our story.

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