3 ways to self-care when you work from home

Written by Stephanie Appiah-Kubi

3 ways to self-care when you work from home

As we all know, we are currently in the middle of a pandemic… still… after six months. It caught us all by surprise, and has affected our lives. Prior to COVID-19, we had the ‘luxury’ of going into work. Luxury because we were able to separate work from home, at least for those of us that did not work from home. Now that the majority of us aren't returning to our offices anytime soon, here are 3 ways we can still practice self-care;

Creating a fun routine 

This could mean waking up a little earlier to ease yourself into your workday. For example, starting your morning more slowly, sipping a cup of coffee, reading a book or maybe exercising could make all the difference. Mixing up your morning activities will leave you excited to take on the day.

Having a designated work space

Making it a point to have a designated area for work does wonders. It creates a sense of normalcy and contributes to productivity. When we work everywhere in our home, we create a stressful environment. To keep our homes, our sanctuary as cozy as possible, this work-home divide is extremely important.


Very self explanatory isn't it? During the day, we are either online catching up on social media, talking to family and friends and even working behind a screen. Unplugging at the end of the day stops the constant consumption of information, reduces our screen time in general and rests our eyes. It helps us reflect on the day and be grateful. That down/quiet  time can be used to take a phoneless stroll, burn a nice scented candle, journal, listen to music, make a healthy meal, pray, paint or whatever else you love to do.

Hoping you stay safe and find joy in everyday life. 


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I absolutely love these tips! What a great article!

Lindsay Martell

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