Winter Wish List: Home

As I wait for this cold and gloomy season to pass, I can’t help but add some pieces to my wish list, especially as I’m planning my home design projects for the year. My wish list for the month will be in two categories – home and style. Yes, I have a good number of items on my wish list and for good reason.

In the home category, I have five items I’d love to purchase (or if you’d like to gift me) by summer 2019 since that’s when I initiate most of my projects for my apartment. Here’s my winter wish list.


Kitchen Island - Poggenpohl

My kitchen is currently just one wall and my plan is to separate it from my living room. I also would love to have more counter space because now that’s non-existent for someone that spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

Okay to be honest, when I wrote this post, I had it on my wish list, but I bought this recently, so I guess that’s one thing crossed off my list, right? I’ve been super obsessed with this brand and I’m very proud of myself for this big purchase.

I love it so much already. All the utensils I currently own fit in a single drawer and there’s still some space left. It’s not 100% organized yet so I will definitely share some photos much later.


Pendant Lighting - Wayfair

I’d love to have two of these right above my kitchen table/island. I think it’d brighten up my kitchen, especially at night and the black colour would pair well with my white poggenpohl island.


Hand woven rug - Amazon

Three things got me very interested in this rug.

  1. It’s super affordable

  2. It’s natural and handwoven (hello!)

  3. The colour would be perfect for my organic modern aesthetic.

    Plus, wouldn’t it be a perfect match for the Abisko sofa?


Abisko Sofa - Article

In Frost White. I’d say it’s affordable, with how gorgeous it looks and I think it’s a great investment.

I found this sofa on Article’s Instagram page and loved it but I fell even more in love with it in Brynn of ShwaStyle’s apartment tour on The Every Girl.


Eve Sectional - EQ3

Had to include a (4b) because I’ve got two sofas on my wish list and I need to make up my mind as soon as possible.

The second sofa is from EQ3, a Canadian-owned home decor brand. Just a quick visit to the website will leave you pinning and saving (or even purchasing) some decor pieces. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!


Asha Dresser - Rove Concepts

More to come on my bedroom but I’m going for the mid-century modern, Scandinavian vibe and this dresser would be the perfect addition.