Weight loss diaries: June Edit - Finally saw some progress but…

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Like everyone, I rang in the new year with some goals, one of which was to lose some weight (cliché, I know). I had a great run for 6 weeks before I started becoming preoccupied with the results - or lack thereof.

During this time, I had started the keto diet. Spent a chunk of my pay check on keto-friendly foods, tried some new recipes and read A LOT of online forums relating to the keto diet.

I also began exercising consistently, nothing super intense but enough to get my heart rate up. My typical routine included a 20-30 minute cardio session, followed by 10 minutes of weight training. However, after 6 weeks, I couldn't really tell if I had lost any weight or just maintained my current weight.

My  sister did mention I looked generally slimmer, but I didn't believe her, mostly cause I didn't see any progress myself. I got pretty frustrated and almost gave up the diet at this point but decided against it, hoping the extra weight would magically disappear.  

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If anyone has been on the keto diet, you know there is one major side effect - constipation. Ugh! And as if that wasn't enough I began to enjoy food less and less. I missed carbs! Pasta and rice and potatoes and chow mein. I missed them all. After enduring this for what felt like eons, I finally cracked and ordered Chinese takeout.  

I devoured that meal like I'd just come off a month long fast in the wilderness and you know what? I enjoyed every. single. bite.

For the following 3 weeks or so, I ate carbs to my heart's content. My carb euphoria began to fade when I started noticing certain clothes began to feel snug again. It was at that point I realized my keto diet and exercise routine DID work. I succeeded in shedding some pounds but ended up consuming them all again.

A part of me was mad at myself for stopping the diet but the other part of me was satisfied and happy. Yes, I'll admit I was too impatient with the results and didn't give my routine enough time to work for me before giving up.  

Fast forward to March and instead of making trips to the gym, I decided to workout in the comfort of my apartment. I found one of Lita Lewis’s HIIT cardio workouts  that I followed pretty religiously. I consistently worked out a minimum of 3 times per week and though I wasn't on any specific diet, I did my best to eat healthy.

Overall, I felt great. That was until I skipped a day.   One day of procrastination turned into one week and before I knew it, two months had passed by.

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It's June now and I'm on a 30 day challenge. My goal is to resume working out 3 - 4 times a week and continue maintaining a healthy diet. I also plan to stay active during the day, making little adjustments to walk more. It's summertime and I can enjoy a leisure stroll here and there while listening to my favorite podcasts.

Though I want to lose a certain amount of weight by the end of the month, I'm more focused on creating sustainable exercise and dietary habits. I want to feel proud of myself for sticking it out, for committing to my overall health and happiness.

Every goal you want to accomplish would be somewhat of a rollercoaster ride. Great days and 'meh' days are both part of the deal. What I've learnt so far is that if you fall short of your own expectations, don't be too hard on yourself. Forgive yourself, dust yourself off and start over. Because you're totally worth trying over and over again for.

My birthday's in July and I hope to have an update for you all by then. I'll also keep a track of my activities so that I can share what worked for me (along with some progress photos), so stay tuned.

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