Casual Friday Sneakers

The Best Sneakers for Casual Fridays at Work-SeventhandOak.png

Warm weather is finally upon those of us here in the North Pole (Canada) and I’ve never been more excited about not carrying a jacket, wearing layers or even taking an umbrella! But awesome weather comes with style expectations, raising a burning question in my mind:

What do I wear to work on Casual Friday?

Honestly, I’m a simple Old Navy-jeans-and-Payless-flats kinda girl but I decided to mix it up a little this summer. And by “mixing it up”, I mean trading my regular flats for something a bit more chic - sneakers!

I looked up a number of ways sneakers were used to complement office style and I was thoroughly impressed. Though there are so many options out there, I narrowed this list down to 5 shoes I felt were both stylish and versatile.

So here’s to the summer, stepping outside our comfort zone (barely) and owning Casual Fridays.

The Best Sneakers for Casual Fridays at Work-SeventhandOak-NB574.png

Okay, one may argue that these aren’t the best pair of summer shoes as they can get too warm, but the NB 574 Core are affordable, durable and comfortable - whether you’re running errands on the weekend or going out for a casual date night.

It also helps that these shoes look great paired with anything, from a boho dress to chinos. They’re sturdy yet lightweight.

I’d style these shoes with a neutral coloured midi dress, a black blazer and a statement purse like the Aldo Aceille raffia bag.

The Best Sneakers for Casual Fridays at Work-SeventhandOak-NMD.png

The NMD-R1 is a running styled shoe designed for an urban nomadic lifestyle. Like the 574 Core, the NMD-R1 is affordable, comfortable and super stylish.

Though they are primarily running shoes, I think these could easily be incorporated into a workday outfit.

Styling wise, I opted for a white blouse, tucked in a pink pleated skirt and a fanny pack to complete the look.

The Best Sneakers for Casual Fridays at Work-SeventhandOak-Comme.png

Nothing says casual Friday like a white t-shirt and denim. In this case a denim dress.  

The fun and eye-catching graphic on the Comme des Garçons Play makes the shoes subtly stand out. It’s like basic with a flair.

Sporting the iconic CDG heart logo at the sides, the shoes are available in both white and black and in both high and low-top iterations.

With a comfortable vulcanized rubber sole and canvas upper, not only is the sneaker incredibly stylish, it is also very comfortable.

Style this number with a denim pinafore, a basic white tee and this leather half moon bag from Old Navy.

The Best Sneakers for Casual Fridays at Work-SeventhandOak-Givenchy.png

If you’re in the market for a white pair of sneakers, you should definitely consider these.

For this casual Friday look, I styled them with:

The Best Sneakers for Casual Fridays at Work-SeventhandOak-VansOldSk2.png

Ah the Vans old skool platforms - available in various colors and patterns, each sneaker features a bulky rubber sole upon which sits the classic Old Skool silhouette in a sturdy canvas finish.

Go all black with a pair of washed Eddie Bauer boyfriend jeans, a simple tee from Balmain and add a pop of colour with the Ralph Lauren satchel in yellow and you’re good to go.

For more casual or street wear style inspo, be sure to check out my Pinterest.