The Only Pieces You Need for Your Entryway

Forget the extra stuff!

Your entryway is the first impression visitors get and you need to make it look pleasing and inviting. A lot of people focus on decorating their living rooms, dining areas, kitchen and bedrooms the most and forget about one of, if not the most important area of your home.

Knowing what you should include when decorating your entryway is very important and once you’ve nailed the basics, you can look into incorporating more items.

An Oversize Mirror

A mirror is important because you want to have one last look at yourself before heading out the door - especially for some of us that sleep through our alarms and have only a short time to get ready for the day.

Also, mirrors can make a space look bigger, so you’d want to incorporate that in your entryway. An oversize mirror will make your space look even bigger and more spacious.

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A Large Plant

I personally love plants - natural or artificial because they add some life to any space. No matter the plant size, there’s a place for it in your house or apartment.

I’d normally go for larger plants for the entryway/ living room space and smaller sized plants for coffee tables, shelves or night stands.

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You definitely need a place to drop your keys, mail, shoes, dog walking supplies and many more. If you’re into Scandinavian or minimalist decor like me, you know that clutter is a no no.

Go for functional pieces or aesthetically pleasing ones but remember that all the elements need to tie in together to achieve a visually appealing result.

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A Rug

This is a must-have because you don’t want yo come into your space and feel cold or make your guests feel uninvited with tiled or hardwood flooring. Rugs add in some warmth to your home and your entryway should not be forgotten.

When shopping for entryway rugs, you must consider foot traffic. Look for rugs that will withstand constant use and will last for a long time. Also, consider buying rugs that will not easily show dirt and are easy to clean.

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A Wall Rack

This may be optional to some but it’s a must for me. In the winter time, we tend to layer a lot and we need a place to hand all these clothing items before going into the house.

Same goes for boots - you can’t just walk into your house with wet boots. Having a clothes rack in your entry way will keep you organized as well.

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What are your top entryway essentials?

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