The Only Pieces You Need for Your Entryway

Forget the extra stuff!


I believe it was Andrew Grant who famously said “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. While this saying is commonly heard when talking about job interviews or first dates, it also holds true for your living space.

Think about it, when guests visit, what’s the one area you can exploit to create the best first impression? Why, your entryway of course! I’ve seen one too many individuals uber focused on designing their living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, often completely neglecting one of the (if not THE) most important area of their space to design,  the entryway.

Since many people don’t actively plan how to design their entryways, I’ve gone ahead and done the leg-work for you. Here are a combination of basic necessities and additional pieces that might add a little pizzazz to your entryway. You’re welcome.

An Oversize Mirror

A mirror is essential. Who doesn’t want to take a final glance at how they look before bolting out the door - especially those of us that hit the snooze button one too many times in the morning. Also, your guests could do a quick check-up soon as they walk into your home.

Fun fact, mirrors tend to create an illusion of space, meaning, your entryway will appear bigger than it actually is when you throw in a mirror.

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A Large Plant

As you probably already know, I love plants. Whether natural or artificial, plants have a way of adding “life” to any space.

You can play around with plant sizes to fit your overall decor theme. I‘d go for larger plants in an entryway or living room, and smaller ones for coffee tables, shelves or nightstands.

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A Console Table

These are necessary as well as versatile. From dropping your keys and mail to keeping your frequently worn shoes or pet-walking thingamabobs, console tables are a pretty standard part of many entryways.

If you’re into Scandinavian or minimalist decor like me, you know that clutter is a huge no no. Console tables are both functional and aesthetically appealing in this regard.

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A Rug

This is a must-have for a couple reasons. First, “please wipe your feet before stepping into my space!”. But seriously, you really don’t want to bring all the places you’ve been back home.

Also, stepping into a space and on a rug or floor mat add a touch of homeyness. Your guests - and you - would feel more welcome.

Rugs generally add warmth to your home and your entryway should not be forgotten. When shopping for entryway rugs, look for one that will withstand constant use and will last for a long time. Also, consider buying rugs/mats that will not stain easily and are easy to clean. Safe to say an all white rug wouldn’t be the best idea.

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A Wall Rack

This could either be optional or a necessity. During the winter months especially, we wear a lot of layers and most times need to hang them up before stepping into the house.

Having a wall rack for wet jackets and boots in your entryway will solve this problem without creating too much clutter.

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What are your top entryway essentials?

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