Summer '18 Recap

Here’s how my Summer went…

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My least favourite season is almost gone (woohoo!) and I’m very much excited for Fall. Even though I hated – no, despised – the weather, Summer 2018 won’t be forgotten so soon. A lot happened these last few months. Immense joy and happiness, with lots and lots of celebrations. I let depression take over for a bit but I was able to bounce back. I also learned more about myself and am still learning.

Without making this intro too long, here are a few things that happened over the summer.


Not as fancy as my previous apartment since I now live in a basement but it’s my own space and I’m able to pay my rent every month. Here’s my first post about my new digs. I’m looking at it as a blank slate and I sure can’t wait to transform it into a space that I love.

Unless I win the lottery tomorrow, I plan to live here for a while and save up more money in the mean time.


I took a one year program in project management and I completed it (with honours might I add) at the beginning of the summer. My goal wasn’t even to go back to school but I’m glad I did because it was an awesome experience and it led me to my current role at my dream company.


My first job in the marketing / creative industry years ago was an internship for an awesome company and I decided that I’d like to come back to work there after I’ve gotten some experience elsewhere. I set out to accomplish my goal.

After my graduation, I applied for the role I wanted and I got it! Don’t tell me HE won’t do it.


I strayed away from God these past few years and parts of my life were in shambles. Last year was the beginning of my tests and I had to learn and unlearn a lot. I had to stop working and got broke in the process. I squatted on my sister's couch for a couple months, I moved into an apartment and didn’t have the best roommate.

That made me move out before my lease was up. In between all this, I decided I was going to go back to school to study. I was so frustrated that I started searching for quick ways to die. These trying times made me run back to God. I trusted him, prayed, gave and was very patient.

God came through for me and when I look back at last year and compare it to right now, I can only be thankful.


Haven’t we all been there though? I was hurt by the one person I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with and it messed me up really badly. I wouldn’t call it a messy breakup. I literally just moved on with my life when I realized we wanted different things.

Do I regret getting into a relationship with him? Yes and No. I regret it because I wasted my time but I don’t regret it because it made me realize what I wanted in a partner. I decided I wasn’t going to settle for less than I deserved.


I feel like this comes hand in hand with bad breakups. You get dumped and suddenly start to overthink things. “Maybe I didn’t look sexy enough for him”, or, “If I lost a little weight, he would still be with me”. Girllll!! You know what I found out? The one that loves you will love you, irrespective of what you look like.

I wish my breakup was why I decided to be more conscious about my health but it wasn’t. I was at my heaviest and I was so uncomfortable with myself. I’d walk for a few minutes and be out of breath. I knew it was time to do something about my health so I got a trainer. It hasn’t been that long but I’m learning to love the body I’m in and feed it with only what it needs.

It’s a journey and I’ve decided to be in it for the long haul.


This is what? My 5th attempt at blogging? Sometimes I ask myself why I even bother. The thing is, even though I work for a creative company, I still felt like something was missing. I like to create and design things and I needed a place to hone my passion. I knew that my passion for decor wasn’t going anywhere soon so I thought it would be great to start blogging again.

The thing about this blog is it’s more focused than the old ones. It’s a new blog (didn’t even announce it) and most of the content would be focused on home decor for renters. Some occasional lifestyle content would be posted but essentially, MBS is a decor blog.

I’m actually really excited about it. I’ve got so much planned and hopefully I can begin to achieve my blogging goals and one day turn this into a full-time gig. Are you excited? I am!

8.TURNED 26!

26? Where did all the years fly to? I’m low-key excited though. I celebrated my 26th with coworkers and loved ones. I went to my favourite spot for some good old Korean BBQ with my sister at night and ate to my heart's content.

I also set some personal, financial and career goals for myself that I’d love to achieve before my 27th birthday too.


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