Save or Splurge: Wall Mirrors

Save or Splurge is a series on Seventh & Oak where I do all the research and show you similar home decor pieces from two different price points.

Mirrors are one of the few must have pieces in any space. It adds a certain look to a room - whether it’s a tiny space to make it look bigger or a good sized space for aesthetics and/or functionality.

Shopping for a mirror shouldn’t be difficult and I created this post to help you though it. I’ll admit I was kind of biased with the round mirrors (Heads up - you have more options to choose from in this category) but I’m sure you will find something that fits your budget and taste below.

Asymmetrical Mirrors

Seventh and Oak - Asymmetrical Mirrors - Save or Splurge


Seventh and Oak - Frameless Mirrors - Save or Splurge

Natural (BIRCH WOOD) Mirrors

Seventh and Oak - Natural Mirrors - Save or Splurge

Oval Mirrors

Seventh and Oak - Oval Mirrors - Save or Splurge

Rectangular Mirrors

Seventh and Oak - Rectangular Mirrors - Save or Splurge

Round Mirrors

Black Framed Mirrors

Seventh and Oak - Round Mirrors - Black Frame - Save or Splurge

Layne | $329

Umbra | $149.99


Round Mirrors with Ropes

Seventh and Oak - Round Mirrors - Roped - Save or Splurge

Jessica | $225

Timberland | $136.99


Rope-Framed Mirrors

Seventh and Oak - Round Mirrors - Rope Frame - Save or Splurge

Wooden Framed MIRRORS

Seventh and Oak - Round Mirrors - Wood Frame
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