Design Crush: A Renter-Friendly Guest Room/ Home Office

Seventh and Oak - Renter-Friendly Guest Room and Home Office.png

As a renter, you have to work with what you have - small spaces and decorating limitations as far as what you can/ cannot make changes to and there's nothing I love more that seeing a rental get transformed excellently. That’s what Brittni did in this room.

She was one of the designers for the Invitation Homes “Make it Home” Show House project in Atlanta. For this project, six designers were selected to transform a particular room in an Atlanta house.

These designers were:

Brittni, who is also a renter, used her creative design, DIY skills and organic modern style for this space and I like how it all came together.

As simple and put together as it looks, designing a tiny room to serve a dual purpose is no walk in the park. She didn’t compromise bed space and went the DIY route with the office area. She made a decent sized custom desk with enough storage space -  one thing rentals/ small spaces need a lot of.

She wanted this room to have an earthy/ organic feel so she decorated with natural wood, plants and earthy accents throughout the space - from the frames to the rugs.

I'm a renter as well and I was thinking of having a corner in my room where I could do some work since I don't have a ton of space in my apartment and this gave me some inspiration. Brittni is so creative and I always look forward to her projects.

If you need more details on her thought process, check out Brittni’s blog.