Inspiration For My Rental Kitchen

In case you did not know, I‘m currently renting a basement apartment I think has so much potential and thankfully, my landlord is letting me do what I want with the place. Although I must make up for some things – like the lack of natural lighting, there’s always a workaround and I’m pumped about all the projects I’ve got planned.

The kitchen is where most people gather and for me, it’s the heart of my home. I love to cook and entertain in that area and obviously it’s the first project I’m going to be tackling this year. Here’s what it looked like when I moved in.

Seventh and Oak - Rental Kitchen Inspiration

In yesterday’s post, I shared that I recently bought a poggenpohl kitchen island which, let me tell you, has added tons of storage and space to my kitchen as my kitchen used to be just one wall as you can see in the photo. I’m loving it so much and now even more eager to get my kitchen done. Even if it’s just an apartment kitchen, I’d like for it to be large enough to accommodate people.

To explain what exactly I have in mind, here are a few photos I pinned for inspiration. I’ll share what I’m looking for to create my ideal kitchen.



For my kitchen, I’m leaning towards a clean modern minimalist look. White counter tops, a few black accent pieces and natural colours to tie it all together. I want it to be functional, without all the clutter.



Open shelving is a must-have for my kitchen. With all the storage I need on my island, I’d like to install shelves on the wall to replace the cabinets.

These shelves will display some of my cookbooks, decor, and appliances.



Most people would consider this boring, but my plan is to have my island and counter tops in black or white and then add in some natural elements to decorate.

Simple things like adding a plant or styling cutting or cheese boards on the counter top can make a huge difference.



As my blog grows, I’d like to share more of what I enjoy doing – like cooking and to do that, I need good lighting for photography since it’s a basement apartment. Installing recessed lighting around my apartment and pendant lights above my island are on my list.



You have to wait and see the reveal for this part because even though I think it’s a superb idea, I haven’t completely thought about how to execute but I’ll give you some hints - a peg board, a chalkboard wallpaper and some art.



Since I want my kitchen to be where my guests and I gather for some fun activities, having a seating area would be ideal. My island came with a breakfast nook so all I need to do now is to find the perfect modern bar stools.

I’d love the ones with thin legs so I can show off the accent piece on the back of my island (trust me, it’s amazing – and there’s an LED strip around it).



I know I want to change the flooring in my kitchen but I haven’t decided yet. I won’t rip the tiles apart – I think I’d just place some peel and stick vinyl on top but we’ll see.

All I know is those dead looking tiles gotta go.