This $30 DIY Will Transform Your Rental Bedroom In Minutes

I appreciate quick and easy DIY projects and this one will take you no longer than 1 hour to complete. Meaning you can add this to your list of weekend projects and you won’t need to sleep elsewhere while waiting for it to be completed.

If you have a bed without a headboard, this is the perfect way to transform your room into something different. By visiting your local home improvement store and buying one quartz paint size for less than $30, you’re on your way to a new looking bedroom.

Here’s a quick DIY from Paper & Stitch blog showing you how to complete this look in an hour. You can decide to paint the entire wall top to bottom, paint half of the wall or even just around your bed – the possibilities are endless and all you need is to begin.

A couple of months after and you’re no longer feeling it? No probs – just paint over it and voila, you have a blank slate again! If you don’t want to use paint, consider a removable wallpaper – it’ll still give you a similar look and it’d be easier to remove when it’s time to move out.

Here’s some inspo for your next DIY project in your rental unit.

Taking a cue from this Paris boutique hotel, you can paint around your bed frame or create a geometric pattern for some creativity with two to three colors that go well together.

Now’s the time to harness your creative side. Think patterns, shapes and sizes. You can go the safe route and opt for a rectangle but why stop there? Create a half circle, a herringbone pattern one single line that runs from wall to wall and so many more.

While this is a quick DIY project that won’t take too much of your time, it’s best to think it through and decide on what you want to achieve before getting to it because you don’t want to make any mistakes once you begin.

Go on Pinterest for some inspiration (I highly suggest visiting my DIY board). Create a secret board to gather your thoughts and ideas. Measure out your space to find out how much materials you’d need – if you’re just painting around your bed, one quartz size paint will do but you’ll need more to cover more areas. Don’t forget things like painters’ tape to make out the area you want to paint in. This also makes your work look cleaner and more professional.

Another way to use paint to create a headboard for your bedroom is to create an ‘unfinished’ look. Imagine when only one coat of paint is applied and left to dry? Yes, that. It makes your space even more unique, as opposed to neatly painting within a given area.

It’s possible to create a space that reflects you, even when you’re on a budget, If you try out any of these DIYs, I’d love to see them (tag @seventhandoak). Now tell me, what DIY projects have you embarked on this year? Your girl needs some inspo.