Style Crush: Ravie B

“Your dreams are not as far as you think they are. It’s always attainable but it’s just always a space where you truly need to dedicate yourself to what you believe in” - Ravie B.

Raven B. Varona (or RavieB) is a New York based photographer. She sure knows how to capture stars and you’ll quickly notice that on her instagram feed. She has a portfolio of famous celebrities including Future, The Carters, Lebron James and Kanye West.

She used to work a 9-5 until she realized that her day job wasn’t letting her hone in on her passion for creating amazing photos. She’d only have time to shoot in the evenings and on weekends - which really isn’t a lot of time.

It was only when she quit her job that she realized she could go on to pursue her passion - photography - and make a career out of it.

Raven was in a space where she wasn’t sure what her next steps were as she didn’t finish her education. Pursuing photography as a career HAD to work for her. It was something she truly loved and could see herself doing for a long time.

I absolutely love Raven’s style - it’s sporty and comfortable and she does know how to dress up when it’s called for.

That’s why she’s this month’s style crush.