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Decor plans for my 1000 sq. ft basement apartment

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Welcome to The Space!

Yes, that's what I'll be calling my apartment from now on. 

I figured the very first post on here should provide an insight on some projects I'd be working on in my apartment. I've always been obsessed with interior décor and I'm finally going to use all I've learned plus some Pinterest inspiration to convert my apartment into a (maybe) long term living space.

my base space - apartment keys.jpg

Now you might ask, "Why a basement apartment though?" Simple answer is, that's what I could afford. Last year was pretty hard for me - I lost my job and it was difficult to get a new one due to some uncontrollable circumstances. I'm glad it's all over now and I've been given an opportunity to make better decisions this time around.

Back to my apartment. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love. I couldn't afford Toronto's ridiculously overpriced condos and decided to find a basement instead. There's a first time for everything, right? The process was long and stressful if I'm being honest, but the wait was worth it because there's nothing I do not love about this space. No, wait. There’s one thing - it's cold as hell.

I heard basements were cold, but I had no idea it'd be this bad. So even in the summer, I have to put on my heater in my bedroom and sometimes light up my fireplace, just to stay warm - it's crazy. So, have that at the back of your mind if you have plans to rent a basement.

A brief summary - I live in the basement of a semi-detached 1 storey house built in the 80s – 1985 to be precise. My apartment is about 1000 sq. ft. Good thing my landlord gave me permission to do what I wanted with the place (except have pets which I plan to convince him about much later).

I don't plan to go crazy and rip the entire place completely, but I'm going to tweak a lot.

I'll get the floor plan and a series of design ideas I'm considering in future posts. Note that this is going to be a process/ journey. I definitely don't have all the money I need saved up somewhere.

I also have a full-time gig but I'm going to stay consistent and post at least twice a week.

Let's do an empty apartment tour, shall we?


my base space - entryway.jpg

Most Toronto basements have a side entrance, but I get into mine from a front separate entrance which is awesome. Once you walk in, there's a small entryway with a decent sized 'den' area which I'll be converting to an office space.

After the den, you can see the laundry area and then my main apartment door.

Main Area

my base space - living area.jpg

This is pretty much what you see first when you walk into my apartment. The fireplace sold me and it's one feature my visitors like a lot. Now the first thing I'll be doing to this space is to switch the lights to LED. They're brighter and I wouldn't have to pay so much when my gas bill comes.

I may/ may not change the paint colour to white. Basements aren't the brightest places and white walls help make a space brighter
(and, blogger life, right?). I also plan to hang up some amazing artwork and decorate to my taste. Can't wait!

Kitchen Area

my base space - living_kitchen area.jpg

Now the kitchen is small, but it's just right for one person. I'm going to get an island and add some bar stools. The island will have space for storage and an eating area for two.

Might add some wallpaper to cover the floor tile, backsplash and countertop because I'm not a big fan of the existing ones.


my base space - bedroom.jpg

I don't have a full empty bedroom photo but it's a nice size. There's a small closet on the side. This bedroom can fit a queen size bed and still have space for a large floor mirror, a dresser and nightstands. I'm not sure how I want to style my bedroom yet. I'm torn between going full Scandinavian or giving it a modern look with pops of colour. We’ll see.


my base space - washroom.jpg

You know when you have a lot of space but don't know what to do with it? That's my washroom. I'm pretty sure I can fit a spa bench and my laundry basket in there with no problems.

I'm leaning towards taking away the cabinet and mounting floating shelves instead. I have a ton of products and I'm not sure where I'll put them since this bathroom lacks storage space. I don't like the brown colour theme going on either.

That's it for now, people. Note that this is a post showing my plans for The Space and some before photos. The neighbourhood is pretty quiet, with lots of huge parks around for running and just enjoying the summer. I'm aware it's a rental but I see myself living here and enjoying every bit of it until I’m ready to move into another spot.

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