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Becoming a plant mom

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This past weekend, I spent a good part of my day visiting Sheridan Nurseries. Sheridan Nurseries is a Canadian owned garden supplies company, with 8 garden centres and three farms across the province.

For someone like me that is new to planting, I learned so much during the 1 hour seminar on ‘How to care for your houseplants’, saw a number of new plants, ones I’d never heard of before. The man that took the seminar was so knowledgeable - even the way he re-potted the plants, you’d know it was something he absolutely loved doing.

Sheridan Nurseries - Toronto

There was a gift store and some really nice looking pots for sale.

Sheridan Nurseries - Toronto
Sheridan Nurseries - Toronto

To make shopping easier for customers, they used labels for each plants. There were three colours - blue, orange and yellow. Blue labelled plants required low light, plants with orange labels required moderate light and yellow labels required direct sunlight.

Sheridan Nurseries - Toronto

Plants were also arranged in sections - succulents were kept in one area, ‘starter’ plants (for people like me) were in a different section and plants that also worked as air filters were grouped together. Made it very easy to navigate the store.

Sheridan Nurseries - Toronto
Sheridan Nurseries - Toronto
Sheridan Nurseries - Toronto

I loved the tour and the new information I received about house plants. After the seminar, I concluded I was ready to be a plant mom and will be going back next weekend to buy a Peace Lily plant.

Some cool facts about Peace Lilies

  1. Peace Lilies symbolize peace, prosperity, tranquility, solitude and purification

  2. Feng Shui recommends placing Peace Lilies at home or work to balance all the energies

  3. Peace Lilies do not require a great deal of attention

  4. With little effort, they will grow beautifully and live for several years'

  5. A NASA study placed it among top 10 plants that improve the quality of the air surrounding it.

Sheridan Nurseries - Toronto

Do you have plants? Let me know

(1) Which ones you love the most

(2) Which ones you’d recommend for a new plant mom

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