My Base Space 2019 Survey

Planning for the future of My Base Space and I need your help

| Survey Time: 2 Minutes |


I’m a big fan of change. I like learning, growing and improving and that’s why I decided to create this survey so I can hear from you, my blog readers. My Base Space is four months old and in this short time, I have tried and tested and failed and tried and tested again.

I have tweaked my blog design, categories and even content. Even though I have received some great feedback via email/ Instagram DM, I’d like to know what some of you think as I plan for 2019.

One thing is certain - I have loved the journey so far and I don’t plan to stop blogging anytime soon. This is where I get to show off my creativity - whether it’s with my blog layout (which I DIYed btw), the mood boards, wish lists and gift guides you see on the blog (all designed by me) or photos (I’ve shared a few of my photos and you’ll see more next year), I loved the process and it’s something I will keep doing.

Before I keep babbling, here are a few questions I created to get to know you better and find out how I can improve as we go into the new year. Please take your time when answering these questions (they’re straightforward, promise) because every little feedback matters.


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