Halloween Decor for the Modern Minimalist

Not just the norm

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This has been one very busy week. From working at my full time gig during the day and somehow managing to find time to post content 3 times a week. I also caught the flu. I’m exhausted and happy it’s finally Friday because I get to relax this weekend.

Anyhoo…about today’s post.

I plan to have something ‘halloweeny’ going on in my apartment soon so I began searching for inspiration. I must say, there are lots and lots of creative ideas out there. As I’m leaning toward a modern minimalist vibe for the season, I thought I’d share some of the best ones I found to inspire yours.

Most of the pieces were DIY’d or bought at the dollar store - you can decorate your apartment for fall by just adding a few elements from these and you’re good to go.


Which of these were your favorites and why? Do you like the minimalist style of decorating for Halloween or do you prefer to Go all out? Share below!



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