Swoon Worthy Spaces on Instagram - June Roundup

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Hello Monday and welcome to a new mini series on Seventh and Oak. I’ll be giving you a peek into some of my latest Instagram inspirations! Some of these pages I follow already and some I found by searching hashtags. Enjoy!



Summed up, this picture is #EntrywayGoals! I’m a huge fan of natural colours and greenery. From the pendant lighting to the gallery wall and brilliant use of space in the room, everything in this entryway screams “Welcome Home”. This almost made me want to completely discard the ideas I already had for my space and redesign it in a similar way...almost.

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Anh is one of the bloggers that inspired me to pursue blogging more earnestly. I’ve been a follower since her studio apartment days and two moves later, she continues to impress me with how she crafts her living space. My favourite space in her new apartment is definitely this office space. It has definitely given me a few ideas on how to design mine.  I like the use of books, plants and accent pieces on the shelves.

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Open shelving is probably a decor trend that is here to stay! In this particular picture, I appreciate the lack of clutter (as is the case in most open shelves). This kitchen corner looks chic, yet is still functional…and do not get me started on that farmhouse sink! Just, YES. The butcher blocks add warmth to the space and the navy blue cabinets underneath provide a beautiful contrast to the countertop.


This picture definitely keeps with the organic modern trend, from the earthy colours on the shelves and table, to the hints of green littered around the space.

This office would definitely motivate anyone to be productive.

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Is anyone else already anticipating the weekend? No? Just me? Okay.

I know it’s only Monday, but a bathroom like this one would make you wish it could always be the weekend. Imagine soaking in this tub with your favourite fragrances all around. Excuse me while I go splurge on bath bombs!

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Sometimes, an all white space can look too sanitized. This dark contrast faux brick wall does everything to this bedroom!

Overall, the various decor pieces here gives the room an inviting and homey feel. I definitely wouldn’t mind waking up to this.

P.S Can you spot the pattern in almost all my insta saves this month? Yes, lots of earthy colours and natural wood.

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One word - wallpaper! If you’re currently renting your apartment like me, this is both a creative and cost-effective way to spruce up your space.

These polka dotted ones fromUrban Wall Decals are so much fun and definitely add a different vibe to the space.


More wallpaper! Nothing screams bohemian decor like this bathroom right here and I’m absolutely loving it.

The vanity is so vintage and contrasts perfectly with the modern sink and mirror. The rustic shelving really brings it all together.

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Industrial modern spaces are very tricky to design but Anderssen and Voll creatively designed this space by combining elements from Scandinavian, modern and industrial styles.

The concrete flooring and floor to ceiling windows are one of the main features of an industrial space.

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When I saw this reveal, I instantly knew I had to save it for future inspiration. I’ve had those dining chairs on my wish list since the beginning of the year and seeing them in one of my favs’ homes has further fuelled my obsession.

This space is filled with warm and soft tones and I’m here for it! I absolutely cannot wait to see what Ashley does to the rest of her new home.


What are some of your favourite insta accounts for home decor?