Get the Look : A Modern Scandinavian Entryway

Get the Look _A Modern Scandinavian Entryway_Seventh and Oak

Happy Valentine’s day and happy almost Friday folks! Hope you’re spoiling yourself (or getting spoiled) today. Today’s post is all about this beautiful, simple modern entryway. If you’re into Scandinavian or minimalist decor, you’ll love this look.

This was one of the contenders for my entryway inspiration and you can see why. With my flair for earthy, organic decor, I knew I had to share this with you lovely people.

If you read my post on The Only Pieces You Need for Your Entryway, I believe you don’t need much to decorate your entryway, especially as it’s the first place your guests see when they walk into your home. It sets the mood for how the see your entire home and you need to do it right.

This entryway has the basics you need - a plant to add some life into the space, a bench and large mirror as the main attractions and some accessories.

My favorite thing about this entryway is how the colours go so well together. To achieve the organic, earthy look, you only need ‘earthy’ colours - browns mostly and lots of black and white.

The little storage basket can act as your catch all and some coffee table books to complete the look.



1 Joy of Cooking coffee table book / 2 Fiddle leaf fig plant /3 Sea grass basket / 4 African Mud cloth pillow / 5 Storage basket / 6 Natural Wood Slat Bench / 7 Kate Moss coffee table book / 8 48” Mirror