Gallery Walls: The Trend That Needs to Go Away

Why I’m not into them + some alternatives

|Read Time: 2 Minutes|

Gallery walls can be traced back to the 17th Century in France. They are rooted in cultural, artistic and political history. Gallery Walls are also known as Salon Walls - this name came about after the French Salons began to fill their walls from floor to ceiling with art.

The first Salon was held at the Louvre Palace - which used to be a fortress but got turned into a museum. The Louvre Palace was occupied by noblemen, intellectuals and artists and featured various exhibitions.

Due to insufficient space, artworks were filled on each wall, from floor to ceiling - this layout is what introduced the modern gallery wall. The more successful artworks were placed at eye level and the ones seen as less successful were placed closer to the ground.

Nowadays, people use gallery walls to show off their art collections. They are seen as an excellent way to make use of bare wall space in the home by using either photos from various travels, art, jewellery, plates or even tickets from favourite events.

I personally don’t like gallery walls, especially when they’re not done right, which almost always results in a mess. This is my personal preference and even though some people might disagree, it wouldn’t change the way I see them.

With more people leaning toward modern, minimalist styles, I hope this trend goes away really soon. I’ve summed up my reasons for not liking gallery walls.

They were cool in the 70s, BUT not now

Thankfully, not a lot of people incorporate gallery walls into their spaces like before. There are more people leaning toward a cleaner look and feel for their walls - and I definitely do too.

It’s Too daunting a task

Do you know how long it takes to put up a gallery wall? There’s a lot of time and effort involved from planning and measuring to gathering the pieces that would be hung.

If you really want a gallery wall and don’t have a creative bone in your body, hire a professional and don’t go the DIY route because after a couple months, you’ll most likely regret it.

When you hire a professional, they will make sure that every element works out and the result will be a visually appealing and inspiring wall. It takes a lot of time, preparation and patience. There’s no quick and easy way to get it done.

Clutter, Clutter, Clutter

Maybe it’s the minimalist in me but gallery walls make a space look very disorganized and uneasy on the eye, as opposed to single statement pieces that are more pleasing to look at.


There are some gallery walls I do like but 95% of what I see online are really bad and I wouldn’t be caught with those in my own space. If you’re not into gallery walls but would like to have something up, here are a few options to consider.


Just one big piece of art could look better that a bajillion small photo frames or plates scattered all over the wall.

Accent Wall

I love accent walls. There are lots of ways to incorporate an accent wall into your space - you could use wood like Joanna Gaines did for this Fixer Upper, Wallpaper (or wall decals) or even paint.

Structured Grid

For a cleaner look, you can choose to have 2, 4 or 6 frames of the same size and similar photos or art.

Floating Shelves

Another option would be floating shelves. They don’t cost much either. Just hang some up and place your frames or art on them.

Line EM’ UP

If you don’t really feel like hanging your frames, you can let them lean on the wall.

Are you into gallery walls? Why/ Why not?