Fall '18 Reads

A few books I’d be reading this fall

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Fall 2018 Reads on My Base Space

I like to read when I get a chance. It’s one of the ways I unwind, especially during the weekends. Reading books help me learn more about life, myself and sometimes the author. I finished my books for summer and wanted to go out and find some new ones. Indigo is usually my first (sometimes only) stop. Luckily, they were having a sale - buy 3 items, get the 4th free. Score! I went there over the weekend and I saw a lot of books I’d have liked to buy.

Hopefully they’d still be available by the time I’m finished with the ones I bought today.

I’ve read a good number of books this year. One was The Wait. When I bought this book - I definitely wasn’t thinking about being celibate and was in a relationship at the time. I bought it because my sister recommended it. After the relationship didn’t work out, one of the decisions I made was to be celibate and when I was ready to put myself out there again, I’d make sure I date intentionally.

I read this book during that period and I feel like it was the perfect time to do so. This book goes beyond keeping yourself until marriage. It talks about building a solid relationship with God, growing your faith and learning to be patient for His blessings. Devon and Megan also shared their personal stories and it was great to know more about their marriage and relationship with God.

Another really good book I read this year was Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. This is one book you absolutely HAVE to read if you’re an introvert, or an extrovert that wants to learn more about other people. I always thought I was weird growing up. Social gatherings drain me and I’m not the most friendly person but I’m a different person when I feel comfortable around you.

Susan Cain made me feel a lot better about myself, knowing that I’m not alone.This book was so refreshing and fascinating that I read it over and over again. I went ahead and watched her TED Talk on this topic which was equally as interesting. This is one book I’d definitely recommend a thousand times over.

Now, about the books I bought for Fall…


    Design Your Space to Discover Your True Self 



Fall 2018 Reads - Make Yourself at Home - My Base Space

As you know, I only launched my blog in August and moved to a new spot a couple months before that. I’ve got so many projects planned for my apartment and was so excited when I saw this book. In fact, I’ve already decided that this would be the first book I’d be reading this Fall. I glanced through a few pages and from what I saw, this book is all about decorating your space intentionally, incorporating some DIY and transforming your home into what reflects your best self.

This book is filled with a lot of inspiration, ideas and drool-worthy photos to motivate you to begin your first (or next) home decor project.

Fall 2018 Reads - Make Yourself at Home - My Base Space
Fall 2018 Reads - Make Yourself at Home - My Base Space


A Memoir by the Creator of Nike



Fall 2018 Reads - Shoe Dog - My Base Space

I’ve always been into fiction but now that I’m gradually working on some sort of side gig, I’ve been looking at books on successful organizations that could help - whether it’s for motivation purposes or something else. Side note - I’m into street style and streetwear fashion - sneakers, hoodies and the likes so early this year I began looking into some big names like Adi Dassler (Adidas), Shawn Stussy (Stussy), James Jebbia (Supreme) and Virgil Abloh (OFF WHITE). It’s so amazing to see how they started and where they are right now. So, once I saw this memoir by the owner of Nike, I had to buy it.


3. The power of yes

Positive and Practical Advice to Help You Live Life to the Full



Fall 2018 Reads - The Power of Yes - My Base Space
Fall 2018 Reads - The Power of Yes - My Base Space

Nothing like a good old book to inspire you in your everyday life. This book is fairly new but it’s about the things that the power of yes can do for you. Most of us are afraid of failing, or disappointments or even being vulnerable that we settle for ‘no’. Abbie has come up with inspirational tips, helpful quotes and advice that will help you embrace positivity in your everyday life - from careers to relationships to dreams and ambitions.


4. the subtle art of not giving a fuck

A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life 



Fall 2018 Reads - The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F - My Base Space

Again, I’m not usually drawn to ‘self help’ books but I HAD to see what this book was all about, given the title. I’ve looked at some reviews and saw a whole lot of praise for Mark Manson. I mean, if it was a shitty book, he wouldn’t be able to sell over a million copies, right? Really looking forward to this one.

These are the books I’ll be reading for the next couple of months. Would you like me to write reviews on them? I’d be very happy to do so.

What books are you currently reading this fall?