Design Crush: A Tiny Living Room Rental With Lots of Personality

When it comes to rental apartment decor, people tend to shy away from going all in but not Jess Bunge. Her living room was decorated months after she moved in and it came out great.

The pops of colour, addition of patterns, texture and some unique elements and lets not forget the floor to ceiling gallery wall and that wrap around bench.

First things first, that squiggle looks like it was made for this apartment. It fits so perfectly on the walls and Jess did mention that it was one of the two things she really wanted in her living room. The squiggle, wooden chair and wrap around bench add an organic feel to the space and I’m all for that style.

I’m not usually a fan of gallery walls but I’m totally digging this one. No space was left unutilized. With the mix of colours, shapes, style and patterns plus some art are framed, some aren’t and the one just placed in that corner on the floor, completing this look. I think the window at the top kind of looks like part of the gallery wall. Right?

Moving on. The wraparound bench was a fantastic idea. Perfect for spaces with little or no entryway space. If a console table was placed there, the space would have looked cramped but using a low wraparound bench provides more storage, doesn’t make the hallway look cluttered and adds a unique element to the living room.

Finally, the mirror is not only the perfect size for the wall, but it also made the space look bigger.

Imagine coming home and having to look at this every day. The coat rack was DIYed with peg rails from The Container Store and black spray paint. The $20 shoe box created extra storage for shoes not in use and made the area look more organized, and of course a plant to add some more colour.

See, you really don’t have to spend a ton of money to transform your rental, invest in a few pieces and either DIY or go cheap. I’m sure people won’t know the difference.

If you’re interested in shopping for any of the pieces, visit Emily’s site and have a look at the before photos as well as Jess’s thoughts as she decorated her space.