Smart Ways to Cut Down on Utility Bills this Winter

Easy tips on saving a few extra bucks on your electricity bills this season

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Because of the huge temperature drop during winter, especially up here in the North Pole (Canada), home energy consumption usually goes up.

Less daylight typically means more electricity used. Simply switching the bulk of your electricity usage to off-peak times will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also save you money.

Conserving money when it comes to utility bills this winter could be as easy as turning off your lights when they’re not in use, doing your laundry at off-peak hours or changing your thermostat settings at different times of the day.

We’ve created easy to follow tips for those who’d like to pay less in utility bills this winter.

Even if you’re renting, you may or may not be responsible for utility costs but being aware of the little things that could cause the bill for your landlord to spike would go a long way.

In the long-run, saving energy is great for the environment and could help reduce the property owner’s costs, which would in turn reduce your rent payments.

How to save on utility bills this winter


Rebates are your friend

Rebates are discounts and ongoing savings on energy-efficient appliances.

Most provinces in Canada have various rebate programs that you can sign up for. The idea is to help you, the consumer buy more energy efficient products by adding some cost incentives to boost purchase decisions.

If you live in Ontario, Save on Energy is a helpful website with tons of information on various programs, as well as tips to help you save on your utility bills.

Government Assistance Programs

Government assistance programs is another option you to consider. Use the Energy Star Rebates and Incentives directory (Canada) to search for government programs you may qualify for to help reduce your bills.

The two most common ones are:

  • Affordability Fund

  • Save on Energy

    • Here are a few things you can benefit from if you join the save on energy program

      • Get an assessment of your home to identify best ways to reduce energy use

      • Increase energy efficiency with insulation, windows and heating and cooling upgrades

      • Get rebates for energy star® electric appliances

      • Get up to $5,800 to install an air source heat pump if your home is electrically-heated

Doing your Laundry

Clothes are just as clean whether you wash them in hot or cold water.

Cold washing your clothes alone can save you up to $70 per year. Also, consider ditching the dryer and airing your laundry instead, by hanging wet laundry near a radiator.

Doing this will add humidity to your space (it can get super dry in the winter time), and make your fabrics last longer.

Doing the Dishes

My personal recommendation is to always hand wash your dishes but if you must use the dishwasher, open the door to air dry the dishes and allow the steam from the dishwasher into your apartment to get rid of that dry air.


Reduce your oven cooking, especially during the winter as the heat from the oven can dry the air in your space.

It is much better to cook with a crock pot or even a microwave.


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