Design Crush: A Modern and Airy Study Nook

Seventh and Oak - Design Crush -  A Modern and Airy Study Nook

While searching for inspiration for what could become my home office corner, I stumbled upon an image on Pinterest and it gave me all the inspiration I needed for my project. I’m a big fan of open and airy spaces. With a full-time day job plus a blog, I need a dedicated space to work, else I won’t be productive.

Imagine how inspired I felt once I found this image. I had to visit the designer’s blog to understand how they came up with such a nice looking space.

Kyal and Kara, who are renovators designed this little office nook in a home. All the elements came together so well - from the natural open shelving to consistent colours, patterns and textures.

Seventh and Oak - Design Crush -  A Modern and Airy Study Nook


I love the natural leather chair that was added to this nook. The colour ties in really well with the space.


My favorite thing about the art on the wall is that - one - it’s not a gallery wall (thank God) - and two - they picked the perfect frame for the artwork and this space.

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Seventh and Oak - Design Crush -  A Modern and Airy Study Nook

The desk and shelves are things you could easily get from your local hardware store.

Granted, you may not find the exact pieces to recreate this look as the designers are based in Australia, you can DIY or visit your closest home decor store.

The goal for this project was to create a neat and stylish corner of the home that would flow with the rest of the rooms and I think they nailed it.

This may be tricky for me when it’s time to design my own space but I’m glad I found this project and their blog to inspire me. My ‘office space’ is a smaller nook but I plan to make it work for this project.

Stay tuned.