Hello 2019! A Peek Into My Goals

Sharing some blog and personal plans for the year

Happy New Year!

I know, I’m a whole MONTH late! I saw a tweet about beginning the year in February and just ran with it - at least when it came to my blog. Hope you had an awesome January. I decided to take last month off to rest and recover, and put some of my non-blog related plans into action thus putting this baby on the back burner.

Some blog updates

Did you notice something new about this site though? Look at the name…yup, it got changed from My Base Space to Seventh & Oak. This wasn’t a decision I made overnight. In fact, I think My Base Space was picked in a hurry. Not that there was anything wrong with it. I just thought it was time for a change. So in the spirit of ‘new year, new me’, I’ll be sharing some of my plans for Seventh & Oak in 2019.

First off, within the next few months, I will be adding a few more categories to the site. What are they? Well you gotta keep coming back to find out. A big thank you to those of you that responded to my survey. Your recommendations were super insightful (mostly) and I appreciate all the wonderful comments - it can only get better.

Hello 2019 - A Peek Into My Goals - Seventh and Oak

I also plan to do more of my own photography and less stock photos, unless it’s really necessary. Like when I share inspiration for a particular area of the home, or some helpful decorating tips. With that, I’d like to have more photos of myself too. This one would be a bit difficult as I prefer to be behind the camera but we’ll see.

The reason I even decided to blog again was to share my love for home decor but I have realized that I could put out so much more content (still related to the home). I want to show more of myself - I want to get a bit more personal on my site - from my daily struggles to wins and everything in between. I want to share it all here.

Lastly, for social media. My goal is to be more consistent by sharing a mix of personal and business across my social media channels. From the messy behind the scenes photos, to what’s on my plate to my daily happenings.

I’m a super private person but I want to be more open this year.

Hello 2019 - A Peek Into My Goals - Seventh and Oak

Personal Goals for 2019

I shared my phrase for the year in the beginning of January on Instagram. This year, I would like to live with Intention. My plan really is to be more intentional about the things I do. I want to mindfully choose how I spend each day, how I exert my energy, what thoughts fill my mind, what I feed my body and who I surround myself with.

I have been doing a couple things every day since January 1st. Like going to the gym regularly and actually doing a workout, eating healthy, journaling, getting to 10,000 steps (this one I struggle with), spending time with God every morning before I start my day.

With all that, I’m also being mindful of what I attract into my life. Friendships, relationships, finances, career and so on. This year is definitely my year and I cannot wait to live every day exactly how God intended.

Be sure to stop by regularly so you don’t miss the awesome content planned for the year (and sign up for my newsletter).

You can always find me on Pinterest and Instagram.

What are some of your goals for 2019? New job? Good grades? Weight loss? Meet your life partner? Share below!

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