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Modern bathrooms to relax in with a good ol book

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Bathrooms are where we go to unwind and wash away all the stress of the day. As a woman, I have varying bath or shower times. There's the washing-my-hair time, shaving time, quick-shower-because-I'm-running-late-for-work time, weekend-soak-in-a-tub-and-pamper time. You get the drift. I could spend 15 minutes to an hour in the bathroom. It's also where I perform my most embarrassing concerts, reflect on my life or think about how I could have responded to that one annoying co-worker.

I love a modern, functional bathroom with just the necessary. By that, I mean a tub and/ or a shower, a toilet and a vanity. I could decorate my living room or bedroom with bright and happy colours and all sorts of accessories and take all the decor risks, but my bathroom has to be simple. In fact, that’s the only place I’m sure I can manage minimal designs – and that’s a lot because I’m not a fan of minimalism.

My blog is for both renters and homeowners and I understand that some posts may not be applicable to your living situation. In this case, for example, I’m sharing the most elegant bathrooms I found on the internet to give you some inspiration for your next bathroom renovation project.

The standalone tub and colour palette caught my eye. I love the simplicity of this bathroom design - more functionality, less clutter.

The unique shape of this tub, the big windows letting in lots of light and the almost invisible sink. If you like neutrals and a clean modern design, then this is definitely a winner.

A pop of colour here and there, with some nice detailing and the image below is perfect for that. Although this bathroom lacks storage, I love the subway tiles on the wall and black tiles on the floor with the gold and brass accents.

I'm a big fan of floating vanities. It just gives bathrooms a more modern look (which is more my vibe). There's a ton of storage in this bathroom and the turquoise colour and oak coloured cabinets bring it all together.

Matte black faucets are another trend I love and I hope they don't become a fad soon. 

What I love the most about this bathroom is it's mid century modern look. The brass and gold tone fixtures combined with the brown wood colour and honeycomb tiles on the floor make you want to wind down in the tub on a Friday night with a good old book. 

This is a great example of bringing the spa to your home.

You can bring in the tropics like they did in this bathroom above and the arched windows with all the light coming in, that's beautiful.

Elegant bathroom - 2 - MY BASE SPACE.jpg

You don't get to see bathrooms with dark tiles and features. Another trend I've seen is that people are opting for smaller bathrooms to maximize the space in their homes.

Elegant bathroom 7 - my base space.jpg
Unique bathrooms - My Base Space.jpeg

I like the clean vanity area and spa-like ambience in this bathroom. Can you see the lights behind the mirrors? Amazing! The 'feature' wall with plants is also a nice touch.

Elegant bathroom - 3 - my base space.jpg

Having a bathroom space that reflects your unique style and one that will always wow your guests. I know I'd like that.

For more bathroom inspiration, check out (and follow) my Pinterest board. If you find any more elegant bathrooms, I'd love to see them.



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