Colourful Spaces

Colourful spaces that inspire me

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I’m a big fan of colourful interiors. Walk into a room filled with bright and happy colours and I'm suddenly in a good mood. Colour is one element I'd like to incorporate into my own apartment.

There are so many ways to bring some life into your space. You can invest in colourful furniture - which I think should be a fad soon because it's so limiting when you have to decorate around that one piece; there are also lots of accessories that you can use to make any space more colourful. It all depends on you. Let's not forget indoor plants too, and the power they have to bring more life into any space.

If you like to find inspiration from the internet, Pinterest should be your first option. There's so much to see, pin, save and try. Not to worry though, I have carefully selected some of the most colourful interiors on the internet below for your inspiration.

I love a good glam + sophisticated apartment and that's exactly what Mandi of Vintage Revivals did in Youtuber, Aspyn Ovard's living room. The pink couch was clearly the show stopper and it only made sense to decorate around it. 

Would you believe me if I told you that this apartment is located in the basement of a church in LA? It was one of the reasons I decided to rent a basement apartment. 

Shea McGee is one of my favourite interior designers and the Cove Street project is also one of her many designs I love. Shea's style is light, bright and airy but I like the little pops of colour here and there in this living room space.

Okay if you love bright coloured interiors, you should check out Dabito's blog, Old Brand New.  Just go have a look! That's all.

Sarah of Sarah Akwisombe has a thing for big, bold colours and designs and I'm here for it. She's also one of my favourite English interior designers.

I probably should've titled this post something like - "My Favourite Interior Designers/ Bloggers that decorate with colour" because again, this was one of my top 10 living room reveals last year. I kid you not. If you look at Ashley's instagram, you'd understand what I mean. Her whole brand is full of colour, it's amazing.

I like a nice-looking brick wall to give an apartment an industrial' loft-like feel. The colours in the space go so well together.

This living room from a 200-year-old farmhouse features cute indoor plants, comfy chairs and cozy throw pillows, all tied in with the beautiful rug. The layout is perfect with those big windows letting in lots of light.

Definitely loving that floating shelf with all the books. The gallery wall, red bar cart sitting in the corner and oh, that pretty blue couch. 

I like how she turned her master bedroom into a colourful space with bedding accessories.

The headboard in this bedroom is the statement piece and other items in the room have been decorated around it. Definitely getting coastal vibes from this space.


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