2018 - A Year in Review

Highlights of my 2018

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It’s almost 2019 folks. Yikes! While I cannot wait to end the year and begin 2019 with all my plans and goals, I couldn’t help but reflect on how 2018 was for me. It was a roller coaster I’ll tell ya, but I’m so grateful for all that happened.

My 2018 went a little something like this…

January - April

2018 - A Year in Review - My Base Space

The second half of my program began. With a few months before graduation, I was determined to see it through to the end and graduate with honours. I also had to juggle going to school full time and working a part time job to pay the bills. With lots of group projects to complete and very little time (PM life, huh!), I was able to finish the program with honours.

Moved into a new apartment, which ticked all the boxes of my requirements. Got a job offer a few weeks after graduating at my dream company and I began planning for my blog. After a long phase of testing, tweaking, cancelling, writing and so on, I finally decided to just go for it because there’s really no perfect time for anything.

May - August

2018 - A Year in Review - My Base Space

Between May and August, I:

Had a bad breakup: Ya know when you think someone is ‘the one’ but turns out they were far from it? Yeah. Good thing is, I figured out what I didn’t want in my next relationship.

Bought a car:…she doesn’t have a name yet but my, is she beautiful. One time, she was on the road with me for 10-ish hours and was such a good girl. I love her!

Started taking my health more seriously: I decided not to wait until January 2019 to begin a ‘new year, new me, new body’ goal. I’ll tell ya it’s a long long road but I’m loving the progress so far. 2019 might just be the year I finally achieve that summer bod.

Launched this blog: Finally said ‘fuck it’ and went live in August. This is the most consistent I’ve been as a blogger and there’s no stopping me this time around.

I turned 26 too. FYI - The pressure to go back home with a man is higher now. Sigh - African parents.

Canada welcomed me as a permanent resident: One of my highlights of 2018.

September - December

2018 in Review - Sep-Dec.png

This period made up most of my 2018. I got to be more creative and take on a few projects, I gained some new friends and followers on social media, my blog traffic began to increase and I got a promotion at work.

I started creating more.

Instagram Highlights became more popular and I had the opportunity to design highlights for a few brands and personal blog pages. It started a something I enjoyed doing and grew into a side business. Here are a few of my favorites:

2018 - A Year in Review - Instagram Highlights

Natural Color palette | @annabelokeya

Highlight icons for a media house |@leartify , www.leartify.com

2018 - A Year in Review - Instagram Highlights

Vintage color palette for Leartify Co-Founder | @0chuwa

Highlight icons for an urban clothing brand and Creative Director’s personal Insta | @TTQuaso, @TheRealVyne

Some posts made it to other blogs

Some of my blog posts were more popular than others but my most popular one was My Holiday Gift Guide. I put a lot of effort into curating and designing them and I’m so happy that they were received well.

Master List of the Best Gift Guides for Everyone on Your List by Lauren Brockman.

How to Create a Functional Home Office by Leartify

My first magazine feature!

What? Four of my Gift Guides were featured in the December issue of Leartify Magazine and I was asked to create two more for this issue. Visit the website to view the free version of the magazine (it’s packed with lots of useful content for African Millennials).

I’d also suggest you get the full version (it’s $4.00) to have the full experience. I love love love it.

A huge thank you to the Leartify co-founders for this amazing opportunity.

Visit Leartify for the full version

Visit  Leartify  for the full version

Visit Leartify for the full version

Look out for another post on my plans for 2019 and future of My Base Space. Some pretty exciting stuff will be happening.

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Lastly, and just because I’m very curious, how did your year go? Share in the comments below!