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Cheat Sheet

Name: Annabel Okeya
Location: Toronto, CA
Early Bird or Night Owl: Early bird
The Space: An 800 sq. ft apartment built in the 80s
Decor Style: Urban Modern
Music: Anything but reggae
Favourite Decor stores: West Elm & Anthropologie
Season: Fall
Dream Destination: Mykonos, Greece
Food: Jollof Rice or Korean BBQ

I've always loved interior decor. So much so that I wanted to get some sort of certification for it. At the time, my mum was paying my tuition, so she had a say in the matter. Let's just say, she wasn't impressed with my choice of program. I decided to go for a 'more professional' course that would 'earn me money' and teach myself interior decor by any means possible.

I spend my free time perusing the web for the latest interior decor news and finds. I’m a creative professional that manages a high priority program for an automotive brand by day and I run 'The Space' (aka this blog, MBS or My Base Space) in my free time. I have this – somewhat – unhealthy obsession with all things decor and you can follow my recent finds on Pinterest.

The Blog

My Base Space is my brainchild and was born from a love for creating. Asides from decor, I'm also passionate about food and photography, which you'd see on the Space. I wanted a platform where I could showcase my creativity and inspire people at the same time.

MBS is on a mission to be one of the go-to sources of inspiration for young-ins around the world for all things interiors, irrespective of style, budget or location.